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Howdy! Today we will be making a refreshing summer soup Get your most photogenic zucchinis And trim them Did you know that zucchinis are really moist? The moment you cut them the juice comes out and forms a puddle

Amazing, really I had to wipe a cutting board after every shot Now chop them aggressively! Or awkwardly, like me Either way, try not to chop off your fingers! Proceed to the next victim Chop chop chop

chop chop chop chop chop etc I'm not going to bore you with another one Don't worry Garlic! Garlic is a very loud vegetable

I kinda like it Anyway, get two cloves of garlic And peel them I crushed them with a knife for easier peeling But you can just use your nails

Now slice it Yep, like this Be careful with your fingers! Prepare two cups of chicken stock You can use a home made one if you have any spare chickens running around I don't

So I used a generic stock cube A bit more A tiny bit more Perfect Turn you heating thing, and set it to medium

Wipe the sticky cap before showing it on camera Mm Oily Add garlic to the pan and fry it for about 1 minute Add zucchini to the pan trying not to mess up One piece escaped but was returned into custody later Salt! I just grabbed a nice pinch with my sausage fingers Turned out about right

For this shot try not to burn your camera Unless you like peppery stuff don't add too much of it Blending makes everything taste stronger Cook for about 5 minutes Until zucchinis are soft Now get that chicken broth Here ya go! Good Bring it to a boil and simmer for about 10 minutes

Have a drink or something in the meantime Turn off your heating thing And start adding basil leaves Mm Fragrant! Let them sit in for a couple of minutes Put your blender into cinematic position! *blop* Nice Blend it with all the power! bzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Return the soup back to the pot

I used a 35% heavy cream, btw *plop?* MIx it nicely Time to eat! You can serve the soup hot or cold Mmm Looks like green tea to me Don't forget the leaf! And a cool wooden spoon! Yay! We are done 🙂 Thanks for watching! Like and subscribe! Or don't Who am I to tell you 🙂 See ya around!

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