You prevent g.estational diabetes keto diet

You prevent g.estational diabetes keto diet

You prevent g.estational diabetes keto diet
You probably came across this article for one of the two reasons you have either been diagnosed with ATGtional diabetes by your doctor and you want to lea.rn more about the co.ndition or you might be getting ready for pregnancy and want to take safety cautions if you feel like youre in the danger zone. Whatever the reasons are, you came to the right place. ATGtional diabetes might seem like a scary diagnose, but the good news is youre in full co.ntrol of it. In 80 90pc of the cases, only the right diet and moderate amount of exercise are enough to ensure youre gonna give birth to a perfectly healthy baby. MyDiabetes Of course, a diabetes diet, especially during pregnancy, when food cravings get so intense isnt the easit to implement. But, when it comes to ensuring good health of yours and your loved ones, its not a place to make compromises. Thats why we prepared nutrition tips that will benefit you and your baby in so many ways possible. So, first of all, what is ATGtional diabetes? ATGtional diabetes is a type of diabetes that affects pregnant women only. The co.ndition most commonly develops in the seco.nd or third semter, but it can also develop sooner. The same as other forms of diabetes, it affects the bodys ability to regulate blood sugar levels. ATGtional diabetes develops because the hormones released during pregnancy sometimes affect insulin production. Therefore, the body fails to produce enough insulin and meet extra pregnancy needs. This leads to high blood sugar levels hyperglycemia. According to the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention, 2pc to 10pc of pregnant women in the United States are affected by this co.ndition. The good news is, that the co.ndition usually goes away after the birth is given. MyDiabetes also have their VIP membership community, where experienced mentors can help members to figure out their nutrition needs, psychologists that inspire everyone to build better habits and wellness coaches that ensure their long term success. I highly recommend checking it out MyDiabetes Is ATGtional diabetes dangerous? In most cases, women with ATGtional diabetes carry perfectly healthy babies. However, if the co.ndition is not treated some complications might arise Baby can grow more than usual. Extra blood sugar in moms blood can be transferred to the baby through the placenta, leading to higher than normal birth weight. This then can lead to complicated labor extra blood and pain, induced labor or even cesarean section. Too much amniotic fluid. This is called polyhydramnios. Its an excess amount of the fluid that surrounds the baby in the womb. It can cause premature labor and delivery problems. Pre eclampsia. This co.ndition causes high blood pressure and if not treated, can lead to pregnancy complications. Childbirth injuries and other disorders. Heavy baby weight increases the risk of childbirth injuries. For example, if the baby has low blood sugar during birth, a co.ndition called jaundice can develop. The loss of your baby. We must note that this is very rare. Dont get scared and remember that you are in full co.ntrol of the co.ndition. Type 2 diabetes. Women, who have ATGtional diabetes are more likely to develop type 2 diabetes in the future. MyDiabetes Signs you might have ATGtional diabetes Usually, ATGtional diabetes doesnt have any obvious signs. Most women find out if they have a co.ndition at the end of the seco.nd semter when a doctor takes a blood tt to see if the blood sugar levels are in the norm. However, sometimes a pregnant woman can experience some specific symptoms, such as dry mouth and co.nstant thirst. The woman can also experience symptoms such as frequent urination and fa.tigue. The tricky part is, these symptoms are common between pregnant women and its hard to tell whether it is caused by the co.ndition or not. So the blood tt is always needed to make sure. RISK FACTORS AND PREVENTION Risk factors to develop ATGtional diabetes being overweight 30 BMI having ATGtional diabetes during past pregnancies previously giving birth to a 10 lbs child having family history of the co.ndition As we said in the beginning, in 80 90pc of the cases, ATGtional diabetes can be co.ntrolled with the right diet and moderate exercise. If you can apply at least one of the risk factors for yourself and youre only starting to plan your pregnancy, we advise you to take some steps now. Try reaching healthy body weight and feel free to follow dietary guidelines well cover in the next section. ATGtional diabetes diet plan First, lets talk about some general nutritional guidelines. You should include enough complex carbs, a moderate amount of protein and fa.t in your diet. But most importantly, you should avoid co.nsuming too many simple carbs sugars. MyDiabetes Complex carbs also called polysaccharides. Complex carbohydrates in

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