X3 Bar Review – The Only Exercise System You Need for Real Results

Most of us want to work out because we know how important it is to our overall health. However, finding the time and money for it can present somewhat of a complexity. Gym memberships are expensive and many of us who feel we can afford it end up never going because we simply don’t have the time. Thankfully, there are numerous at-home fitness products (like the X3 Bar) available to help resolve this. These have three big issues, however. The first is that there are so many out there that it can be very hard to choose the one that is right for you. The second issue is that most of these machines only address one part of the body, which means you will need several of them to become truly fit. Last but not least, the machines take up a lot of space and are anything but portable.

X3 BarThe X3 Bar aims to address all of those issues and more. It is an affordable and portable device that helps you to tone your entire body. It is so portable, in fact, that you can even take it with you on your vacation. So what is it and why should you consider buying it?

What Is the X3 Bar?

The X3 Bar is a surprisingly simply and straightforward exercise tool. It is made up of a bar that has been specially designed, a foot plate, and bands. When you first see it, you may wonder how something so simple could actually benefit your entire body. But then you will quickly find out that the way in which you use each of those three elements, either together or on their own, allows you to do just about any kind of exercise. Whether it is the Romanian deadlift or the standing bench press, you can do them all.

The bar has hooks on the ends to which you can attach the bands. The footplate, meanwhile, is designed to provide the bands with an anchor point. If you want to do curls or deadlifts, for instance, you will need that. Essentially, you can loop the bands under the foot plate, giving you a very wide and secure base right underneath your feet. While it is possible to do that without a plate, if you have ever used stretching bands, you will know how uncomfortable that can be on the bottom of your feet.

The list of exercises that you can do with the X3 bar are countless. They include a number of classic or standard strength training exercises such as the deadlift, the press, and the squat. The X3 Bar was designed by a team of professional research and development specialists right here in this country, under the management of Dr. John Jaquish, Ph.D., who is a medical researcher and biomedical engineer. He and his team developed the X3 Bar after completing various significant pieces of research and reviewing existing, peer-reviewed science about exercise, resistance, and strength. The product quickly gained global attention with people noticing very rapid and very significant results.

What Can the X3 Bar Do?The scientific evidence backing the X3 Bar is particularly impressive. For instance, it has been shown that variable resistance training is significantly more effective than a conventional or traditional resistance exercise. The elastic bands included with the X3 bar enable you to undergo variable resistance training. In fact, it enables you to engage in high intensity resistance training, allowing you to work out your entire body no matter where you are.

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What Can the X3 Bar Do?

As stated, the list of exercises that you can do with the X3 Bar is almost endless. The three elements of the device effectively replace an entire gym. You can address both the lower and upper parts of the body as well. Thankfully, you will receive a full exercise instruction manual that demonstrates the different exercises that are possible with the product so that you know what to do. Some examples of possible exercises are the:

  • Reverse curl to overhead press
  • Curl
  • Bent-over row
  • Standing chest press
  • Deadlift

Best of all, you need less than 10 minutes of exercise each day with the X3 Bar to see fantastic results in a short time. Indeed, scientific evidence has demonstrated that your muscle gain will be increased three times by taking part in variable resistance training instead of traditional training. This is because you will increase your anabolic hormone responses. In fact, it is even better than weightlifting, not in the least because you also completely remove the risk of weightlifting injuries, which are common and severe.

Another key benefit of the X3 Bar is that you no longer have to find yourself limited because your range of motion starts to diminish. Instead, the resistance simply diminishes with you, giving you the opportunity to train until you are exhausted if you so choose. At the same time, the forces you will use are far greater than those experienced with a standard rate. This is because, as your range of motion becomes wider, the resistance increases as well. This means that it allows you to truly push yourself to your own personal limits.

As you grow stronger, the system will continue to be functional as it is based on resistance. Should you become so strong that it really becomes too simple, you can double over your band and continue that way. Doing so will give you more than 230kg of force, which is very heavy.

X3 Bar Prices and What You GetPerhaps of the greatest importance is the portability of the X3 Bar. You can quite literally take it with you wherever you go: work, your home, or your vacation. This means that you will no longer have any excuse not to exercise.

Prices and What You Get

You only need to purchase the X3 Bar once and you will instantly get everything you will ever need to work out. The pack you will receive is the ultimate in resistance training and you won’t need anything else. It includes:

  • The X3 Bar itself. This bar has been made using specially engineered alloy steel and includes internal bearings. It is built in the same way as an Olympic bar, which means it comes with a fully optimized bar. It can hold in excess of 230kg of force without compromising its integrity.
  • The X3 Ground Plate, which is a high density, marine grade polyethylene that allows you to mount your bands from the floor up. Again, it can easily withstand 230kg of force.
  • Four X3 Bands. The manufacturer, Titan Biomedical, has worked particularly hard on these bands, joining forces with industry experts to ensure their resistance bands will never snap or lose elasticity. The bands come in light, medium, and heavy and are constructed using the thickest layered latex available on the market today. This ensures that your variable resistance workouts are harder than what you have ever experienced before.
  • A 12 week training program, which includes progressively more difficult exercises. You start as a beginner and end up advanced, with the intensity increasing with each session. It also includes nutrition advice to teach you how to lose fat while gaining muscle tissue.

The X3 Bar currently costs $499 with free shipping in the USA. Considering the average cost of a home gym that enables you to do these many exercises costs at least $3,000 and that the X3 allows you to gain three times as quickly, that price is truly is a steal.

The company has also made it possible to purchase multiple systems at a discount. If you buy two, for buddies or couples, you will save $149. If you purchase six, for gyms or crossfit centers, you will save $495.

What I Liked About the X3 BarWhat I Liked About the X3 Bar

  • It is a highly portable system that you can easily store anywhere in your home, take with you to the office, and even bring along during your vacation. Because it is compact, it will easily fit in your luggage. Hence, you will have no more excuses not to work out, even when away on a business trip in a hotel without a gym.
  • It is incredibly durable. There are a lot of resistance band training systems on the market today and people dislike them because they do not allow heavy loads. They often snap, feel uncomfortable against the body, and lose their elasticity. This is not the case with the X3 bands. No matter how strong you are, you will not be able to destroy these bands. The X3 will stand up to some serious abuse, including a bench press of over 300 pounds or a deadlift of over 500 pounds. Plus, the X3 bar is a steel bar instead of a plastic bar, which means it will last a lifetime.
  • It allows you to engage in effective resistance training, which has been scientifically proven to work. The system has clearly been designed to even benefit those who already train a lot in the gym and still keep them engaged.
  • You get everything you need with your package and you can even double up on your resistance by folding the band into two. This means that you will always remain challenged, even when you increase your strength.
  • It is very small, which means you don’t have to set a room aside for your training. You can do it in the garage, while watching TV in the evening, in your bedroom, or anywhere else.
  • The system has been designed to decrease spinal loading and joint force. This is an important detail as it means that you don’t place your body at significant risk of injury. Yet, at the same time, you will ensure your muscles will be fully stimulated.

What I Didn’t Like About the X3 BarWhat I Didn’t Like About the X3 Bar

  • Getting to grips with the initial setup can be a little bit difficult. That said, you will be hard pushed to find a device that doesn’t require some learning. You will quickly find out that there are different bands for different exercises. Using the footplate and attaching the bands to the hooks is quite simple once you know what you are doing.
  • There have been some negative reviews suggesting that the hooks don’t always hold the bands in place. Of benefit, however, is the fact that Titan Biomedical has clearly listened, and they are trying to resolve the issue.
  • Just like with all types of band training, you can expect to go through some strength curves. Sometimes, you will find that your resistance becomes very low or non-existent, depending on your personal strength and abilities. For instance, if you do a standing bench press, you should notice that the resistance once you pull the bar to your chest is virtually zero. Of course, once you start pressing and the bar moves away from your chest, the resistance will kick in very quickly.
  • The bar length can be a little bit limiting, depending on the exercise you do. Again, with the chest press for instance, you will find that, because of the length of the bar, you have to take a close grip, whereas you may want to use a wide grip if you were to use regular equipment. That said, your pecs will still be stimulated really well – they will just need to get used to it. Plus, if the bar wasn’t that short, it wouldn’t fit in your luggage either.
  • The cost, while lower than any other machine that can do this much, is pretty high, particularly when you consider that it is basically one plate, one bar, and some bands. The price is so high due to the alloy steel used in the bar, and due to the capacity of the footplate and the strength of the bands. And yes, it does actually do all that it says it does, but the reality is still that many of us simply don’t have that type of money lying around. However, it is often possible to get a discount of as much as 10% if you use a coupon.

X3 Bar Final VerdictThe Final Verdict

Overall, the X3 Bar is a really good piece of exercise kit for anyone who wants to get fitter and healthier. Unlike the majority of other systems that use resistance bands, this one does not feel flimsy or cheap. It can even be used by those who have already trained quite a lot. A versatile, durable piece of kit, its benefits by far outweigh its disadvantages. Hence, it is 100% recommended.

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