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So I'm really excited about what I have to talk to you about that I know a lot [of] you guys have been asking about this But wine is back on the advance plan which is amazing because even the bible [condones] it so we should be drinking it obviously not in large quantities, but enough for Family and friends to have a good time with each other, so the Advance plan just really quickly is is designed Like it is based off of what's called the ketogenic diet So what we want to do is Minimize the amount of sugar to minimize the amount of carbohydrates that you have so that your body will adapt to burning Fat or to burning what's called Ketones? This is shown not only to help you lose weight and to regulate your metabolism And to help your thyroid and to help your gut issues and to help your blood pressure But also, it helps your brain function better that was the original fuel source because back in Antiquity we had to run on Ketones because we had family times and we have feast times, okay? And I still suggest that you do that today, or whenever you know while you're on the side okay, so The reads the way that these are different from regular wines

Let me just give you a little bit of how Wines are grown today at least in the us So the majority of wines that you see especially in the grocery stores when you go to the grocery store when you see all these Lines all these brands over [50%] of them the majority of them actually are only produced like three winemakers They own massive amounts of Wineries across the us and abroad So in the way to say they use their crop is a water irrigation system serve their giving water to these grapes One [is] never meant to do that in fact that's illegal in in Europe So no French ones are allowed to have that so for the [four] [but] six are actually french because it's easier to get naturally irrigated or a dry farming [wine] in in Europe because the us

Is we don't do that here because we're all about mass production not necessarily about quality, so They use a water irrigation system And that plumps up the grape really big adds a lot of sugar and that increases the alcohol content so Americans again We like things that are bigger better faster and stronger, so we like higher alcohol content but wine was never meant to have that so these have a much lower alcohol content if anywhere from I believe it's 11 to 12 and a half percent all these here have 12 and 12 and a half percent but we need Yes 12 to 12 and a half percent which is much better because you can [actually] Drink two or three glasses of wine or maybe four glass and wine depending on how big you are? without going over the edge of A therapeutic benefit where you're kind of euphoric gets it drops your anxiety it allows you to connect with people Allowing you to connect with people that maybe you don't know in a more social setting you know the feast kind of setting When you go over that line, then it turns the opposite, and you just lose your judgment You lose your cognition Where is this smaller doses micro dosing can actually make you more creative? which is a Very good thing that you want so these also happen [to] zero additives whatsoever [you] may not know this, but if you look [on] the back of a bottle of wine What do you not see that you see on almost every other piece of food in the grocery store? It's a nutrient label right they don't have any ingredients So you would think that? It's just it's just grapes that they ferment and it turns into wine, but there's actually 76 different additives that can be added to wine that they don't tell you about These are things that can change the color of the wine It's things that can change the taste of the wine It's things that can change the character or the quality And things that may make you want to drink more wine or to buy more of their kind of wine So these have been lab tested to have zero additives whatsoever as well as zero sugar So my suggestion is first of all get on the advance plan it will change your life You can eat super Rich foods You don't have to be stuck with cheap stimulating quasi junk food That's a lot of the carbohydrate laden type Foods And you can have rich wonderful foods hang out with your friends bring them into this this lifestyle is the advanced Blend and Bring someone with you have them try some and you can drink a bottle or you can drink – okay last thing Where do you get the lines so this is from a company called rice farm wines and they send you six bottles at a time? You can either choose red You can choose white and I believe that you can choose a mix and they also have sparkling that you can choose from as well, so get on the advantage plan get some wine start building community come together and CORRECTION: DryFarmWinescom/DrPaul CORRECTION: DryFarmWines

com/DrPaul CORRECTION: DryFarmWinescom/DrPaul CORRECTION: DryFarmWinescom/DrPaul CORRECTION: DryFarmWinescom/DrPaul CORRECTION: DryFarmWinescom/DrPaul


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