Wheat Rice Flour Alternative for Diabetic Patients | Sugar Substitute for Diabetics | Q&A 1| Diabexy

Wheat Rice Flour Alternative for Diabetic Patients | Sugar Substitute for Diabetics | Q&A 1| Diabexy

Diabexy Q&A Series – Ep1

Introducing our Question and Answer Series for the various questions that our followers ask us. From now on, we will be selecting few important questions and will try to answer those questions.

In this video, we have taken the following questions which people have asked repeatedly in the previous videos –

1. What to eat in Diabetes if grains are not allowed?
2. Can we eat sugar free in Diabetes?
3. Can we do intermittent fasting in diabetes?
4. How is Gluten for a Diabetic patient?
5. Is it possible to reverse type 1 diabetes?

At Diabexy, we believe it is possible to reverse diabetes with the support of knowledge and discipline. We provide free consultation with our team of certified dieticians and licensed medical doctors to support your Diabetes Reversal Plan.

For a free customized diet consultation from a certified nutritionist, connect with us on +918448952009 or (call or WhatsApp) Monday to Saturday between 10 am to 6 pm IST (India Time)

We request our viewers to keep asking more and more questions so that their doubts regarding diabetes can be cleared and more knowledge on the subject can be spread further.

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