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so hot, we usually drink our coffee black so no additional milk or sugar the healthiest way to drink coffee! Hey guys, what's up welcome back to my channel LazzzySundaze and if it's the first time you are visiting my channel, welcome my name is Tiffany and today I'm going to show the guys what I usually eat in the day It is just my daily diet so I'm going to show a little bit of what I usually eat

I'm not a nutritionist or anything I just you whatever I like At least at home, I eat as little carbs as possible even though we do eat carbs and stuff like that outside but like at home or try to eat as little carbs as possible I guess that's like one of our diet I don't count calories I don't count portions I don't see whatever I want I just tried to eat as low carb as possible at home so we do count carbs I don't think I'm like skinny or anything

I'm not like fit and I feel like all these food can I help me maintain my weight now All these foods is good for you if you want to maintain your weight and lose your weight but for the losing part, you just have to you know work out more that's what that's like one thing I don't really do as much Now it's currently like around 10 am and we're going to make some omelette for our brunch! A quarter of pepper – red pepper these are turkey bacon we just put some onions and red pepper cut up into cubes peppers ready oh my god the turkey bacon looks so good that's for me that's for me that's for Jeremy Now we're gonna add some spinach a lot oops make it rain make it rain let it sit for a little bit for a little bit Turkey bacon is done and we're gonna reuse the turkey fat to cook the eggs yeah and this is still going strong! Look at that! Can you tell who cooks more often in our house you put on one side so you can easily fold it in little crispy on the outside but the eggs still runny on the inside thank you looking so good this is Clark's favorite spot recently! He's on our black grocery bag right

So it's currently 1:00 pm and we're gonna make some dessert it's gonna be chocolate chip cookie but a healthier version and this is so good we make this all the time but just happen to run out of it this week so we're gonna make it today and kind of meal prep the dessert for the rest of the week and it's really good though it's gonna be low carb and gluten free so it's definitely a healthier version of a chocolate chip cookie oh but they're so good oh I just want to eat it now it's it's delicious so these are all the ingredients this is definitely keto friendly Butter vanilla extract of course brown sugar this is almond flour this is alternative sugar that we're gonna use you know sugar replacement obviously my favorite chocolate chip chunks and all these chocolate chips now the butter is in room temperature I'm just gonna use my fingers oh it's slimy this is the alternative sugar we're going to use – diabetes friendly, tastes like sugar, easy to digest, tooth friendly, which is very important Half a cup a quarter cup of light brown sugarThis is not even open yet oops a quarter cup of brown sugar One tsp of vanilla extract This thing is from Dollar Tree Betty Crocker it's very useful just let you guys know okay I'm gonna do this for six to eight minutes until it's fully mixed Now we' re gonna put two and a half cups of almond flour into this mix gonna mix a little bit more

I should be on a cooking show JK it looks like breadcrumbs Now we're gonna put some chocolate chunks my favorite part 6 ounces Do you see we have a awesome thing called kitchen scale I normally don't use it I just do whatever I want but since this is a video all the way in guys all the way in we're mixing it like this kind of like a dough form now now it looks fully like a cookie dough and we're gonna refrigerate it for about two hours by the way we did not invent this recipe we're actually following New York Times recipe right here we came up with the idea of using almond flour and alternative sugar because the original recipe they don't have that they u sed natural sugar and stuff like that so I guess technically we did invent this So it's currently 3 p

m and I'm about to make some snack I'm gonna make guac really easy we have two avocados – two ripe avocados that we need to use up anyway and we got these from Costco's they're so cheap Ta-da! and guess what we're gonna eat it with all right guys the best chip ever! Red Hot Blues – Blue chip so it's corn tortilla chips but with, guess what, chili powder on it it's so good this is the star of the show today okay guys it's been two hours I'm gonna put these out and then we're gonna roll them onto this sugar so then in order for them to stick we have to use eggs or an egg alright I'm gonna use this sugar put it on top of it like this the cookie right there great first one Look at all these cookies, we just made them 14 total I know it's not that much but and before we put it in the oven we're gonna sprinkle some sea salt on top of it just to make it awesome so the cookies are done and we're gonna let them sit for a little bit but basically they're supposed to be a little burnt at the bottom, which is fine it tastes so good

Once we let it sit, we're gonna try one out but it looks delicious Taste test so good this is one of the best cookies or shortbread I've ever had look at that melting chocolate – so good you guys should definitely try this recipe out This is gonna be gone by tomorrow and then we store this in a glassware so we can eat this for like the rest of the week or the next two days So it's currently 7 pm

and we're having salmon and sauteed kale This is my boyfriend's specialty so he made it but it looks really good and I'm really excited it's really light we usually like eat really light dinner, kind of, trying to

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