Weatherill lobbies victoria on environmental flows

Weatherill lobbies victoria on environmental flows

“For me, it's the environment of the climate system,” he says. “And the big environmental drivers are water loss, the sea level rise, and deforestation.”

As for the Great Barrier Reef, which is on the verge of extinction, climate change has already had a profound effect. The southern reef – home to more than 400,000 fish – is already turning green in a matter of years. But the reef will continue to suffer as the ocean increases its carbon dioxide concentrations – until 2050, at least.

The “carbon bubble” in the oceans “means everything is heating up at a rapid rate”, says Dutton. The effec점보카지노ts will be particularly dam우리 계열 카지노aging to Australia's coastal communities, where, as a result, the Great Barrier Reef will continue to grow.

What next?

The Reef 2050 program is also urging local governments to consider the benefits of a greener climate.

“We don't have enough scientists willing to speak out loudly enough about what's happening,” says Wiltshire. “We need to get a scientific voice and get that done.”

“It's not just people with a particular background, people who have taken a scientific interest,” he says. “We're a small country, and there are really good people with the right kind of ideas who are going to be good contributors.”

The good news is that in Victoria, the Environment Minister says his department won't be slowing down this science debate. He says climate change is just one part of the climate equation and doesn't have a silver bullet.

“At the very least, 드래곤 퀘스트 11 카지노we're going to work hard in our planning to put a plan in place to prepare for a warmer climate,” he says.

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