Hi guys I am back with a new video can you guess what it is pause the video now comment what you think it's gonna be I mean I'm pretty sure you already know by the title it's been forever in a day since I gave you guys a grocery haul and that's obviously because my kitchen was not working at some point last week in the week before so I'm excited to show you I went to Walley world Walmart I haven't been grocery shopping at Walmart and forever so I was excited to go because I know they have a lot of things that I cannot find at like Ralph's or Trader Joe's so let's go ahead and get into it before I get into it I know a lot of people have been asking how much the grocery hauls are and I'll make sure to put that in the description box and I'll probably a pin it in a comment I just can't do it now because I got some stuff that wasn't groceries but I don't think it was more than a hundred bucks let's definitely achieve because there's no meat because I have all the meat from Costco but I'm rambling look bud and get into it some parchment paper I'm gonna be baking a little bit more so parchment paper isn't less I'm also obsessed with the buy a drink my friend actually works there so she likes hook me up and let me try some but this is a new one that I haven't tried it is the white watermelon de Cali watermelon one so I'm excited to give this a try now I don't advise sugar-free candy but I'm going to be making like you guys know so I wanted to pick up the sugar free Reese's and the sugar free just because I think I'm gonna make cookies or brownies and I think these would be good additions to it I picked up some rock and roll in it because I'm too lazy to find avocados and to make it actually have avocados in the fridge so I have to use those up but I'm planning on making taco salad and it's just so much easier to have it in a small compartment rather than you know making a big batch and then it goes bad I love annuals you can see that it's just a regular great value brand and then I also picked up a new salsa this is the hatch Valley restaurant stock style salsa and it's only one gram of carbs per tablespoon which that's one of the lowest that I've seen next I picked it up more hot sauce this one is actually a Tapatio I've never really died toppity I usually at Louisiana but I love chocolate EO on my taco salads because I don't know yeah so I figured I pick this up super cheap too so this is perfect to jazz up any boring chicken or beef that you have also picked up two cans of the El Paso green chili enchilada sauce now my mom used to make chicken enchiladas all the time something you have doing like a cheesy chicken enchilada bake this has 4 grams of carbs per serving and it's four and a half servings for container I think I'm going to use two so this might be a little bit higher in carbs but we'll see I got a like tally up the carbs count things like that and see how much I have for the whole day next I picked up something which I didn't think would have zero grams of carbs and I'm not sure if I truly believe it but we're just gonna go with it this is the grill mate brown sugar bourbon it claims tilt to have zero grams of carbs per 1/4 teaspoon I know seasonings are a little bit different I figured I would just put some of this on chicken because sometimes I'm not barbecue flavor without barbecue sauce so hopefully this is a good addition to the cooking and if you guys know me you know I have been having these struggle with finding a good ranch so rich that I put in my last keto milk prep that was the first time I tried it and honestly it wasn't even my favorite like No so I got the what is this I picked up the Olive Garden parmesan ranch dressing I love the Olive Garden to the tying your thing the best honestly probably because I I always get it when I go to the restaurant but I'm gonna ever type their ranch so I'm praying that it's good it's only it's less than one car per two tablespoons so that's good news well this is one of the things that I'm kind of most excited for heard everything good about this it's this super snack time pizza in a bag pepperoni jerky this is the supreme pizza style I actually saw this when I was waiting in line and I figured you know it might as well pick it up give it a try it was kind of expensive I think he was almost four bucks but there's two servings in this so I don't know I would be able to you know not eat after I open it this looks more like one serving so we're just gonna go with it I'm excited to give it a try I've heard all good things about it I've seen a couple people rave about it on Instagram which I'm happy I can give it a try I got a lot of cheese simply because I'm having taco salad and that cheesy chicken base so the first cheese I got is the hot Harpeth habanero and the the first cheese that I got is got hot in a minute guys I found the first cheese that I got is the hot jalapeno and habanero cheese the only one I got this one is because I couldn't find a pepper jack shredded and I didn't flex writing it myself so if you guys have breaded Harper Jack I feel like it's kind of the same also I picked up more sharp cheese he's gonna go in my taco salad and in the cheesy chicken enchilada bake and told Walt what is it someone somos pronounce it but this one is like my favorite cheese no I can't get any other cheese and this was actually super cheap at Walmart because routes it hella expensive I think it was under three bucks which is crazy because like the great value brand was like close to $3 so you guys picked this up at Walmart cheese this is the mozzarella I really like eating this with a little bit of marinara sauce and pepperoni it's kind of like a deep-dish pizza without the crust so I'm probably gonna take these for work and have an easy snack you know maybe eat these together I also picked up a before of pepperonis and system no one this is the only one I've saw that was zero grams of hard stuff that's what I saw like a breath one or two grams but to each its own if you don't mind a gram or two for your serving gone do you more cheese we've got another thing about Sorella but this time it's shredded I was thinking of making flat fat head bagels I have kind of like a donut mold that I think I would use to look like mini bagels also picked up some heavy whipping cream I don't normally get heavy whipping cream anymore just because it goes bad so fast but I'm thinking of melting some of the caramel and the heavy whipping cream to kind of create like a thick caramel I don't know I've never tried it before so hopefully I'm thinking in my head that it would work next I got the Khalifah coconut almond milk blend I've heard so many good things I've actually gotten this before and I did like it but I'm just not that big of a milk drinker so it usually goes bad so I'm gonna make it a point to try to put this in my coffee put it in everywhere that I can and drink it on us all but I do love the flavor of this and it only has one gram of carbs per serving but there's one gram of dietary fiber so this is zero grams of carbs and it's like a drink of milk replacement like come on this is this is perfect I picked up some blueberries and I'm not fasting in the morning I usually like to eat fruit in the morning keeps me regular guys no big thrill for anyone that doesn't have fruit in their diet I highly advise at least one type of fruit a week it won't kill you the carb I promise I also got some cauliflower rice I'm thinking of making like a Mexican style rice so I can fit it in with my cheesy enchilada bake work online on the side of my taco salad just to bulk it up but I love cauliflower rice if you guys know me or if you seen any of our milk our videos this is a staple in my diet I got some leafy romaine lettuce this is gonna be for the taco salad I'm also thinking of putting some ranch on that taco salad like I've had that before kind of like a tex-mex then I have a couple more items guys actually let me show you the one that I'm like most excited to show you so before I broke down and got one of the new diet coke flavors this one is the zesty horn one I'm thinking of trying this in my next mukbang so I'll let you know if I like it soon since I'm working out a lot more I feel like I do need to replenish my electrolytes so I picked up the blue Powerade this is the sugar-free one so happy workout and last but not least I'm actually super excited for this this is something new I've never seen before it's from blue eyeless it's yogurt spread it has poetic cultures in it which I have been wanting to add yogurt back into my diet but I shouldn't know how so I think this is a good way I'm gonna try to make those fat head bagels and put some of this on it with like the everything but bagel seasoning and it's only one gram of carb per two tablespoons and I don't like cream cheese that much I probably would only put like about a tablespoon on my bagel anyway and but I figured you know it'd be cool to give it a try see if it's good and I'll let you guys know if I do like it probably on my Instagram just because that's more instant that makes sense so you guys haven't checked out my cigarette head over there but yeah now I have to hit all this lovely groceries up thank you guys so much for watching this grocery haul as always if you guys like these videos and want me to continue making grocery hauls you know what to do give this video a thumbs up comment down below the stores that you want me to try and I will see you guys in the next one


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