Ultimate Low-Carb, Gluten Free, Dairy Free Pancakes / Panqueques Bajos en Carbohidratos

What's up, Youtube family? Today I have a quick video, but I want to spend some time checking the recipe and some of the ingredients because I think there are many key learnings for you and different applications for other recipes If you do not want to wait, get ahead in the video and see the recipe, I understand that they are so impatient

But for others, we will make gluten-free pancakes, no dairy, no sugar and low in carbohydrates And after saying all that, I guarantee that the pancakes They have a lot of flavor The month of November is to raise awareness about diabetes, and recently, on November 14, It was World Diabetes Day And as you probably already know, People who have diabetes should stick to recipes low in carbohydrates and sugars to be able to control the level of sugar in the blood So I get a lot of questions about breakfast recipes because people want to enjoy his favorite dishes, and pancakes is one of those I chose this recipe today because I think it has many learning keys and will help us with other recipes especially where you have to bake when we try to adapt them for our diet

Well, without further delays, I will talk about the different ingredients and we will say a little about each one, why they are important and how they can be changed in their own diets The first thing is the egg white, I wanted the recipe it was a little lighter although I'm using high fat ingredients If they do not mind the fat they can use whole eggs, but you do not lose any flavor when using egg whites This recipe is easy to convert into vegan because instead of using eggs they can use ground flaxseed I also use coconut cream, instead of coconut milk because the cream is denser so it will have the consistency of a whole cream or yogurt, and that's what we want for the pancakes, to give them much more texture, that are spongy and more alive

By using coconut cream we actually eliminate dairy products, But if they do not bother with dairy products, and they can eat them, They could put greek yogurt or cottage cheese Before they hate cottage cheese, They may discover that it gives a nice butter flavor Coconut flour, this will make the recipe gluten-free and it is also a low carb alternative If you are allergic to coconut and they want to use almond flour, that's fine, personally, I feel that coconut flour is thinner but the almond one is also good, keep in mind that if you make the change the recipe could have a higher fat index, and they can consume it, but if they are avoiding fat Be careful with that Finally I used raw Stevia, instead of sugar, to use the least amount of sweetener possible

If you do not mind the sugar in your diet and tolerate it, then of course they can use normal sugar or honey Well, those are the changes With the holidays so close I know they will cook and bake a lot because they will have friends and family at home, so keep this recipe in mind to do things without dairy, use less sugar, and also use gluten-free alternatives when you can Well, if they are hungry and ready to get dirty, let's start First we mix the coconut flour, Baking powder and stevia Apart we mix the egg whites with a pinch of sea salt, and go

This is the best arm workout in 5 minutes Yes, the forearms are ready! Now we add the flour, then the coconut cream and vanilla extract And if it is very dense we add 1-2 tbsp of coconut cream Spray a non-stick pan with cooking oil and add a cda of the dough I like to cover the pancake while it cooks

We flipped it after a minute, and we cover it and cook for another 45 seconds We add low-calorie or sugar-free maple syrup and cinnamon, if they wish And there they are, spongy pancakes low in carbohydrates, without dairy or sugar Click on the "Like" button, go for the full recipe to FITMENCOOKcom, and download the application for more easy, healthy and practical food

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