TRADER JOE’S Grocery Haul! Some Low Carb Products | June 2018

hey guys it's Leigh and today I'm back with a quick Trader Joe's haul for you I was down in Maryland today so I stopped in and picked up a few items so let's get started first I picked up five I think one two three four five of the Trader Joe's taco seasoning this is my husband's favorite it's a little on the spicy side and in this video I'm going to be putting the prices up as I show you the products I think that's a little bit easier than showing the receipt at the end next I picked up these chomps meat sticks or what are they called chomps snack sticks and my husband really likes these so does my son oops and they have zero carbs per stick so those work really well next I picked up these crumpets and these are for our oldest he's moved out but that doesn't mean I'm not gonna pick up some crumpets for him now and again I got this organic super sweet corn both of the kids who still live here really like corn so I picked that up for them my husband and I do not eat it I got some chopped spinach just to have in the freezer I've been trying to buy fresh spinach but sometimes it's nice to have some in the freezer you know just in case you forget to pick it up my daughter likes to put spinach in her eggs sometimes so it's nice to have some on hand just if she wants it I got two more of the organic rice cauliflower I have some in the freezer already so I just grabbed two of these I didn't need a lot of them I grabbed two of the mixed bell peppers which are frozen it just makes life easier I don't know honestly I don't know if they have onions I'm gonna see if I can find I think the regular grocery store has chopped frozen onions I hate chopping onions so much that I think it would be a lot easier if I could just buy them frozen already next I got these these are the fire roasted bell peppers and onions I love these they're so great to have on hand just to throw quickly into whatever recipe I'm making I don't need to chop onions and peppers again I don't like chopping onions so this makes it so easy I got four of these macaroni and cheese dinners for our daughter they are her absolute favorite so I grabbed those she can take those to work along with some of the freezer meals I made for her I'll put the links to those in the eye in the sky and in the description so you can find them next I got two packages of this organic brown rice it's frozen they microwave in three minutes and it is so easy I bought these just because my son asked me once and I only bought one so this time I picked up two because I love this stuff it's great I also got my oldest's favorite juice again he doesn't live here but you know I can still buy stuff for him he loves this orange peach mango juice it's his favorite

I got some low-fat yogurt smoothies for whichever one of the kids actually want some our daughter really loves them and I think they're super high in sugar though yeah they have 23 grams of sugar so yeah they'd have to be one of the kids to drink those but like I said our daughter really loves them next I got some maple syrup this is for the kids as well for their pancakes waffles french toast sticks whatever they're eating they can use too real maple syrup we're kind of spoiled now we don't like the cheap stuff anymore so yeah so I picked that up and lastly I picked up five more of the shelf-stable whipping cream these are so amazing to have on hand they say they have zero total carbs which is even better and you don't have to keep remembering to buy cream all the time or I don't anyway because I kind of stink at that so that's everything I picked up this time at Trader Joe's if you shop at Trader Joe's let me know in the comments section which products are your favorite especially if you are low-carb because that's what I look for the most and I totally forgot to tell you about the large shrimp I picked up here is 1 pound of frozen large shrimp it's already cooked can't believe I missed that anyway now that's everything I bought if you like this video go ahead and give it a thumbs up for me please and subscribe to my channel don't forget to hit the little bell so you get notified every time I upload a new video you can also find me on Instagram Twitter Pinterest and Facebook at LeighsHome05 thanks for watching bye

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