Top Keto, Carnivore and Low Carb Foods

Top Keto, Carnivore and Low Carb Foods

Top Keto, Carnivore and Low Carb Foods

1. Ground Beef
-ideally grass-finished
-Full of vitamins, minerals, fat and cholesterol
-it’s quick and easy, zero to no prep
-I’ve had it everyday for the past 15 years

2. Rib-eye and New York Strip Steaks 🥩
-ideally grass-finished BUT if not, its still 1000% better than Doritos.

3. Eggs
-chickens are technically omnivores, not vegans so they should eat worms and bugs so try looking for a brand that feeds them this way.

4. Real Salt
-critical for electrolyte balance
-does not cause high blood pressure, this is caused from hyperinsulinaemia and high carb intake.
-Redmond’s Real Salt (
-Use with EVERY meal

5. Butter, Ghee and Coconut oil
-Cook only with these
-also use bacon fat and beef tallow
-tons of vitamins particularly fat soluble one and minerals

6. Low Lectin Vegetables
-brassica veggies: brussels sprouts, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, etc.
-Cook in the oils above, just add salt and it’ll taste delicious

7. Avocado
-fruit: low in sugar, high in fat

8. Berries
-eat them only in season and in moderation
-blueberries, raspberries, etc.

9. Yogurt
-Greek or Bulgarian style as they contain more bacterial cultures
-choose ones made from A2 beta casein milk as its less inflammatory

10. Full Fat Aged Cheese
-ideally made from raw milk and A2 beta casein milk
-Parmesan, cheddar, Romano, mozzarella

11. Liver
-Beef or chicken
-God’s multivitamin and mineral
-if liver is not palatable for you then try organ supplements through the brand Ancestral supplements (

12. Fatty Fish
-SMASH: sardines, mackerel, anchovies, salmon, herring
-contain critical essential fatty acids your body cannot make particularly EPA and DHA which have a whole host of benefits

Redmon’s Real Sea Salt

Ancestral Supplements

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