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Hey guys, I'm back with another fufu recipes series but this time, I'll be focusing on low carb fufu recipes The last time I did this series,those on a low carb diet were like "Oh, you forgot all about us

You didn't upload even one single low carb fufu meal" Yes, "I'm taking it one at a time" as I always say I planned to do a different series for those on a low carb diet These fufu meals may be called low carb fufu meals but it's for everyone For instance if ou are like me, I have to eat a swallow meal every single day

If not, my day is not complete The only time that that does not happen is when I'm away from home Or if I'm on a tight schedule somewhere such that I can't meet up Otherwise, it must happen o, a swallow meal must happen So if you are like me, you can decide to eat a low carb fufu meal three days in a week, and then for the remaining days you eat a normal fufu meal, those ones that contain lots of starch

So yea, this will help you reduce the amount of starch you put into your body Yes! So consider this tigernut fufu meal the first of the series Like I did the last time, I will try and upload a low carb fufu recipe every single day from now on Click the link that pops up on the screen to access the other low carb fufu meals in the series Let's go! We will be using tiger nuts flour to make the tigernuts fufu

I have a video of how to make TigerNuts Flour The link should pop up on the screen right now Tigernuts flour is gluten-free and grain free, because of this, we need a binder to make it mouldable so you can make fufu balls with it If you are on a gluten-free diet or you want to keep the carbs as low as possible, you should use psyllium husk to bind the tigernuts flour Please read up on psyllium husk to be sure it is good for you before you eat it

If you are not on a low carb diet or gluten-free diet but you just want to generally reduce the starch in your fufu meals because every little helps, you can use any starchy flour as binder eg quaker oats flour, semolina, all purpose flour or garri to bind it Just like in my coconut fufu recipe, the link to the video should pop up on the screen right now, I will use 2 parts of tigernut flour to 1 part of the starchy flour I will be using semolina for this demonstration So I add 1 cup of tigernuts flour And half cup of semolina flour

Mix very well For the second option, I add 1 cup of tigernut flour And half a teaspoon of psyllium husk Then make it like you would any powdered fufu meal When the water boils, start adding the mix continuously while stirring at the same time Keep mixing till there are no lumps

Then add a few drops of water That's a little bit more than a few drops but yeah! Cover and let it steam all over Then mix again till smooth When done, wrap with a cling film else it will dry out It is the same process for the second option

If you still want to be extra in keeping the carbs low, serve with a Nigerian Soup that does not use a high carb ingredient as thickener, the list will be in the description box below the video For any other person, serve with any Nigerian soup for swallows Watch out for the next low carb fufu meal tomorrow And please click the like button if you found this video helpful Bah byee see you soon!

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