The Truth About Carbs & Weight Loss (4 CARB MYTHS DEBUNKED!!)

Carbs can get a bad rap, but they don’t have to be your enemy Here are four carb myths that will allow you to eat the carbs guilt free! Hey, you guys! I have four carb myths that we're going to bust today

The first one is "Carbs make you fat" That's what everybody thinks So everybody runs in terror thinking "Oh my gosh! I need to run from the bread bin and not even get near it" So you don’t have to break up with pasta and breads All you need to think about is portion control

To do that I'm going to take a look at this plate of food here To help you control your portions just think about, when you're making your food, do half of your plate with a vegetable, or salad to take up half the plate The other 25% is going to be your carb – your complex carb, maybe some kind of rice – and the other portion is going to be protein That's going to help you not overindulge Same thing if, maybe you're having pasta that night

Do the same thing, but just have your pasta this size, instead of this size A lot of us will do that We're thinking "Oh, the pasta is going to fill up this much, and then we'll do the salad here" Just reverse that Our second one: all carbs are the same

That is not true Refined carbs like white flour, and added sugar are often void of calories They really don’t have any nutritional value to them So you really want to think about doing more natural foods Something more like fruits, and vegetables; anything that's going to have any kind of fiber

Beans are really good All of this stuff is really easy to make You can cook these up and make really good, healthy soups Those kind of carbs you really don’t need to be careful of The next: cut carbs to lose weight

Just swipe out – maybe if you're cooking pasta instead of cooking white pasta, go with more of a whole grain There are little tricks you can do to still have it, just think of a healthier way to do it Just like for white rice, instead of eating white rice, get some sweet potatoes A lot of people will cook up the white rice because it's fast These are really easy too, if you get the smaller potatoes

You just wrap them in foil, throw them in the oven while other things are cooking You can pull them out, put a little cinnamon on; they're just as tasty, and really healthy Okay, last one Only eat carbs at certain times of the day Unfortunately, it's the quality of the carb you eat, and how you much you're totally consuming throughout the day that really matters

If you're starving in the evening and you're like "Oh my gosh I'm not going to make it through the night", it's really not good to do that Why don’t you just get something like some nuts, or some jerky? Because jerky has got a ton of protein Just watch the sodium This is going to take longer to digest throughout the night so it will keep you full, but you're getting some good protein in

Nuts are great Natural fats, proteins Once again, it's going to take a little bit longer to digest so it's going to help you throughout the night to keep your blood sugar up and not be starving all night So there are some ways to get around eating – there are some good carbs out there They're not what you're favorite food might be, but you can still make them really good

There are really some cool ways to make food – like I mentioned, the sweet potatoes – to make them really interesting and yummy Okay, you guys I hope this was helpful Thanks for joining me today Check out ATHLEANXXforWomen

com, leave a message, and let us know of any other videos you'd like to see Hit the like button, and subscribe, and I'll chat with you guys soon

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