The SCIENCE Behind the Low Carb Diet: Why and How it Works!

The SCIENCE Behind the Low Carb Diet: Why and How it Works!

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Hi Everyone,
So this is a different video then I am used to making and it is completely science based and not my usual how to videos. I hope you enjoy it. I decided to film this video because I recently finished my biochemistry classes and while I was studying it occurred to me that I was learning about food: proteins, carbohydrates, and lipids. When I was learning these processes and how your body uses them I thought that I should apply them to my own diet routine and low and behold I did see results and it was due to science…. How cool is that? Well here is just a video I put together to teach you guys that what you are learning in school does matter and can be applied to your everyday life!! All the info I got from my biochem book, lectures, and online… Basically I used my biochem study guide to do this video. Hopefully some of you think this is cool and that I taught you a little something 🙂
Thank you guys so much for watching!

For all my awesome science people out there I have listed some links to more in depth info of the processes I mentioned in the video just in case any of them fascinate you and you’re eager to learn more!


Pyruvate Dehydrogenase:

Krebs/Citric Acid Cycle:

Electron Transport Chain:

Carnitine Transporter:

Beta Oxidation:

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DISCLAIMER: I am not a professional at health. Just a college student applying my classes into our everyday lives. I don’t specifically mention what you should and shouldn’t eat in the video so hopefully this disclaimer is not really needed 🙂

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