The perfect treatment for diabetes and weight loss

Is type 2 diabetes unbearable? Does it have to deteriorate over the years? Or is it due to wrong treatment? Or do we not treat it at all? We will talk about today My name is Andreas Eenfeldt from Kostdoktorn

Welcome Dr Jason Fung I have just listened to your lecture It was amazingly good It was about how we treat diabetics in our care today

As a kidney specialist you treat -Diabetics who have had the disease for a long time and have become very ill Yes, I work a lot with dialysis It's too bad, because they get so sick over time But the diabetes itself can go back I realized that recently

It is not a disease that must necessarily deteriorate We have always said that it is a chronic disease that worsens over the years It says diabetes associations, both in the United States and in Australia Everyone says it's a chronic disease It is known that one's diabetes is chronic and one gets used to it

But it is not true It's actually easy to show If someone said, "I was told I had diabetes" "But let's go for the diet, went down 25 kilo, pulled down on the carbohydrates" "Now I do not take medicine and feel good" That's right! Nobody believes they are lying

A patient who lost weight, restored the diet and started training The healthier How can they be healthier if the disease is chronic and only to deteriorate? Each time it happens, it is proved that the disease can go back But you do not know how to make it turn, you only get worse Everyone knows that the medication does not help against the disease itself Type 2 diabetes is due to excessive insulin resistance It is all agreed

High insulin resistance causes blood sugar to rise But the disease itself is the high insulin resistance But all treatment is still focused on blood sugar It's not logical It is as if you had an infection in the leg- It's caused by a bacterium

Then it is treated with antibiotics The infection can cause fever – but it's not the disease itself If you treat the fever instead, the wound will begin to reside Symptoms treatment does not help against the disease Then we have done with diabetes

We treat the blood sugar But the disease is due to insulin resistance Because we do not treat the disease, it worsens Looking at a 10-15 year period means that- Man first gets a medicine, late two late three and then more and more insulin After 10 years, you take 100 units of insulin a day

More medicines are needed to keep blood sugar at the same level Diabetes is worse even if blood sugar is better Diabetes is worse than ever Insulin resistance is not treated Those who lose weight, exercise and remove the carbohydrates- – has an influence on insulin resistance and therefore has a lower blood sugar As opposed to forcing down the blood sugar and ignoring the disease itself

This has become so fundamentally wrong the last 20-40 years Type 2, which has too much insulin, has been treated- -The type 1, which, on the other hand, has too little insulin Type 1 diabetes has too little insulin Then it makes sense to give them insulin But Type 2 has too much and then it needs to be lowered

But we have given more insulin in a disease where you have too much insulin – It's clear that it does not work – It's crazy You had a parable It would be like treating alcoholism with

Yes, the disease alcoholism means too much alcohol Then you can not treat more alcohol But in the short term, they can become dizzy if you remove the alcohol

In the short term they are better off alcohol but alcoholism is not getting better You can not handle short-term at the expense of long-term care We have treated short-term and lowered the sugar What happens to the disease? Whatever happens to the blood sugar, the disease is getting worse When you are sick of too much alcohol, the solution can not be more alcohol

Giving insulin to type 2 diabetes is like giving alcohol to an alcoholic Yes exactly We do not just allow to be treated- -But it will get worse As with alcohol The disease causes too much insulin

More insulin makes it worse The patient is gaining weight and insulin resistance deteriorates The funny thing is that patients know this I speak with many patients They tell that when they received insulin they went up 5-10 kg

That's no secret You lose weight of insulin They take insulin and lose weight Then they will return to the doctor "I needed to lose weight, but get medicine that makes me get up 10 kg !?" And the doctor answers: "You need insulin, you have to start training

" They did not lose weight because they exercised too little, that was the insulin – Therefore, you have to treat it – What do you do if you have type 2 diabetes? It is a diet-related disease Type 2 diabetes involves too much sugar Have you realized that, the solution is to get rid of the sugar

So remove all sugar and fast carbohydrates, which are also sugar- -Som bread and pasta Carbohydrates are only chains of sugar When we eat it breaks down to sugar You must stop eating sugar in diabetes, otherwise you will get worse You can also exercise and burn it You can also try something more extreme, such as fasting

It is more extreme than strict low-carb diet Tell! Fasting is the most effective way to lower the insulin No medication does Well two, but they are not that effective With too much sugar and too much insulin- -Borde make sure you get rid of the sugar and lower the insulin

But how? In the case of sugar, you can eat strictly LCHF Ketogen diet reduces the sugar more not always insulin Protein and fat also increase insulin, but not as much as carbohydrates So you can get the sugar but not the insulin You can let people fast on different periods

Then you eat nothing -Not just less carbohydrates but also less fat and protein Nothing What happens is that the body does not get anything Then it will consume the sugar That's exactly what we're looking for

It burns the sugar and we do not need to take insulin for it Then it begins to burn fat and that's exactly what we want I always get two questions about fasting 1 Can I fast? But billions of people in the world stuck regularly during the course of life- Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Catholics

In almost all major religions one is to fast It is very healthy During the fasting, insulin levels go down That's exactly what we want to accomplish We get all the sugar out of the system

Not just out of the blood, we get it out of the body The fast does both things It lowers the insulin and lowers the sugar The other thing that always comes up with fasting is: Is it harmful? Is it a sort of starvation? Indeed, research on solid shows that it is just the opposite You do not get less energy without more

Some functions are activated at fixed Growth hormones increase It protects the muscles Then you only burn fat Adrenaline increases and gives more energy – taken from the fat- So the free fatty acids in the blood increase

So you burn fat, protect your muscles and get lots of energy Perfect! A complete treatment

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