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I watched a really good documentary last weekend called The Magic Pill, and I'm gonna talk about it right after this Hey, guys! Welcome to A

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So guys, last weekend I checked out documentary called The Magic Pill It was released in Australia, I think, in September of 2017, and is now widely available I'll put links to where you can watch it down below this video It's produced by Pete Evans, who I hadn't heard of prior to this, but I guess he's a pretty well-known celebrity chef in Australia And it's also directed and edited by Rob Tate

I feel like it's a really good entrance point for people who might not be familiar with how low-carb eating works, and what it's all about So the movie starts out with a look at following three sets of people, three profiles that they set up The first one is a profile of a woman named Michelle, who has asthma and uses an inhaler and had just has had some chronic issues throughout her life The second profile is of an older woman named Debbie, who I believe is related to the filmmakers — I couldn't quite catch what was going on — I think she's the aunt of one of the people who produced the film She hadwas on a ton of prescription drugs, and her mother had Alzheimer's and dementia And then the third profile is of a little girl named Abigail, who I think is the niece of one of the filmmakers, but she has autism, and is nonverbal, and her diet consists of Doritos, chicken nuggets, and Goldfish So that's the premise They set up those three profiles at the beginning of the movie They also touched on Aboriginal cultures in Australia, and how they were healthy before the white man showed up and introduced them to bread

So a really cool setup, and then throughout the movie, there were interviews with some really familiar faces — heavy hitters in the low-carb community Nina Teicholz is awesome in it She's written the book The Big Fat Surprise Dr Perlmutter is in it

Dr Jason Fung is in it They go into detail about the trial of Tim Noakes in South Africa for a while, they talk about the Ancel Keys study that has basically led us to where we are now There's a lot of talk about the science of low carb, there's some talk about insulin resistance, there's some talk about processed foods, and then after some of those interviews, they get into some more profiles, which they did not set up in the beginning of the movie, but which I feel they discovered along the way, one of which was my favorite: this mom (I can't remember her name) and her son, Aaron, who has autism, and was almost nonverbal But then after six months of a ketogenic diet, he was putting together full sentences

He was adorable Oh my god, I just wanted to watch that kid all day And then there was another profile of a woman named Sara, who had breast cancer, who likened cancer to Tribbles from Star Trek Basically saying, you know, cancer is like Tribbles Just don't feed them, and they won't come back

So she's she was diagnosed with breast cancer, and then went on a low-carb diet, and had a very striking thing that she said, which was, "I went back in to get checked again, and the doctor said that if I didn't know you were diagnosed with breast cancer, I would have looked at this scan and said, 'there's nothing to see here'" Like, it was completely in remission She never went on chemo, never took any drugs or anything like that Just started a low carb diet, which was pretty astounding And then the third sort of

the third profile that they sort of picked up along the way was this woman Patti, who was spending $1,000 on insulin every month, and over the course of a few months, gradually weaned off insulin to the point where she isn't on it anymore So a lot of cool stories and profiles of how low carb and keto has worked for a wide variety of people, and then there's a section where they talk about pastured animals, and the importance of grass-fed meats, and talking about how, you know, vegans will always say, you know, "The way that meat is produced in the country is cruel and disgusting" And the point of the movie was, "Yes

agreed" It needs to change It talked a lot about the benefits of pastured animals There's a big section where this former vegan, actually, talks a lot about how she grew hershe started a garden, and realized quickly that she had to use animal products to fertilize the soil, and gets into a whole bunch of stuff like that All in all, really really enjoyable, and I watched it with my wife, who is not on keto, and this is the thing that kind of sealed the deal for me, I've always thought that my starting keto was a very personal decision I feel like it's a personal decision for each and every person I feel like people come to keto in their own time, if they do

So I never pushed keto on any member of my family, but as we were watching it, my wife said you know, she's lost 75 pounds since I started keto about a year ago, through Weight Watchers And there was a section in this film where the first woman that we meet, Michelle, I think her name was, had friends over for dinner

And one of them was saying, you know, "It would be nice not to worry about my weight watchers points," and all that kind of stuff And my wife was like, "You know, I feel like I've been stalling for a long time I might need to go on keto, just to lose this last amount of weight that I want to lose" And I was like [SQUEE] exploding with delight on the inside, trying to keep it cool on the outside, and I was like, "You know I'm here to help you, if you ever decide you want to do that" And the bigger thing is that one of my sons has been diagnosed with Autism

He's very high-functioning, but he's on the spectrum He's been taking ADHD medication since the age of six, and another thing we talked about is doing an experiment over the summer when we when we can completely control the food in our house, and not have to worry about what he eats at school, to do a test run of keto with him, and see how that might help him

So really, really cool to hear those kind of things coming from my wife, who hasn't been ANTI-keto, but she has just not been super- on board the keto train that I'm on But just to hear just to watch this with her was really nice

So I'll keep you guys updated on that stuff But that's my review of the movie It's really well done Well-directed, well-edited There's a couple of transitions toward the end that were really nice

There's some footage of the Aboriginal Aboriginal people in Australia doing some stuff with necklaces and making necklaces out of these beads or these berries that they found, and then it cuts to Abigail, the little autistic girl, doing the same thing, making jewelry Kinda cute toward the end I highly recommend it, particularly if there are people in your life who are questioning keto, questioning why you're doing keto It's a good intro to it, I believe

So that's my review Let me know if you guys have seen it I'm curious to hear what you think about it I thought it was great Let me know in the comments down below what you thought

That's gonna wrap it up for this video, guys I hope you enjoyed it I hope you have a fantastic day, and I'll see you next time

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