The Good and Bad Sides of a Low Carb Diet

The Good and Bad Sides of a Low Carb Diet

Author: Nikole Dy

What are the ADVANTAGES of following a Low Carb Diet?
Low carb diets do bring about numerous advantages to a person and his/her health. Some of these good effects of low carb dieting have been scientifically studied while some of which are reported by people who are into this type of diet.

Some of these advantages are:

● weight loss
● lowered blood glucose for diabetics and pre-diabetics
● lowered blood pressure
● decreased blood insulin levels

The great thing about low carb diets is that it helps a person cut out big amounts of starches and sugars in the diet. Because low carb diets are easy to follow, it is also made in such a way that a person can safely stay on low carb diets for a long period of time in order to make sure that their weight is maintained and is within a healthy range.

What are the DISADVANTAGES of Low Carb Diets?
Presenting the disadvantages of low carb diets are not meant to destroy the image of the diet rather it is done to show a person if the pros or cons outweigh the other more. Knowing the downside of a diet will also help us determine if low carb diets are really meant for you. Every diet has both good and bad sides and low carb diets are not exempted from this.

Before you start on a low carb diet, you may first need to understand the disadvantages of this kind of diet to see if it will really work for you.
● Nausea
● Lethargy
● Bad breath
● Constipation
● Irritable (hot-headed, grouchy)
● Loss of appetite

● Most people after finishing a low carb diet program end up carb binging.
● If you have severely restricted your body from consuming carbs, your body produces ketone bodies for energy. When this happens, a person is in a ketosis state and can be noticed to have smelly breath similar to the smell of nail varnish and can further cause fatigue and nausea.

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