The daily diet plan for diabetes patient type free keto meal diabetics

The daily diet plan for diabetes patient type  free keto meal diabetics

The daily diet plan for diabetes patient type free keto meal diabetics
Can you go on a diet if you have type 1 diabetes? The current dogma if its still current many changes are being implemented in the stale doctrines of diabetes management! is to eat some five meals per day and take appropriate amounts of various insulins the goal being to keep the levels of glucose as much stable as possible. If you review data on type 1 before, during, and after introduction of the first insulins you will certainly note that those poor guys were completely emaciated signs and symptoms polyphagia they are hungry all the time because there is no insulin to push glucose into the cells polydypsia they are thirsty all the time because the body wants to dilute huge amounts of glucose polyuria they pee a lot to remove excess water and glucose with it loss of weight insulin is the main anabolic hormone in its absence body is in the permanent state of catabolism. As soon as insulin is introduced those signs and symptoms disappear and normal weight is achieved occasionally, more than normal!. Now, thats all safe and sound and based on solid science, research, and corete clinical experience. The new paradigm which is not new but was tted and successfully tried many decades before the advent of insulin! is to perceive all of it as a system. You have a healthy body you put food in it gets distributed and metabolised and everything is hanky dory. You have a type 1 body beta cells are dtroyed most probably by some virus and immune reaction to it or by some other method and theres no insulin. As is at this stage known, essential for our survival beside air, clean water, shelter, etc are essential amino acids about less than a dozen of them essential fay acids couple and carbs are not essential our bodies produce enough glucose for our survival. Problem is in the fact that most of the carbs are very cheap and available its sort of difficult to find any food thats not completely devoid of carbs but just have low amounts. So, our clever predecessors, most prominent physicians of the time, came to a brilliant idea to put carbs in the system beside proteins and fa.ts and then to add insulin to do its stunt with those carbs!!! Logic is not quite clear to me! Carbs are not essential. The system lacks insulin without which the body cant deal with carbs so you add insulin and everything is hanky dory! It should but its not! Even with the most precise measurements, permanent meters, multiple finger pricks and tts with glucometers, glucose levels oscillate wildly. The notion is that highly fluctuating, especially glucose highs, do the various bad things to our bodies which ultimately cause the dreaded co.nsequences of diabetes. Those injuries are much less pronounced and happen much later in insulin regulated type 1. The new paradigm is to reduce to absolute minimum carbs ingted, give appropriate dosages of insulin which have to be tweaked over time especially in the view of avoiding hypoglycaemia, and do some exercise. Exercise by itself is by far the be predictor of healthy longevity far ahead of everything else and it is, therefore, advisable for all and sundry. But for type 1 and 2 it shows some miraculous effects in reducing insulin sensitivity. Insulin is an anabolic, faening hormone. People who do not have diabetes but eat five times a day have next to zero chance to loose weight because insulin is secreted five times a day to mop glucose. In short, clever method would be to eat once or twice a day twice is co.nvenient because one can munch something carb free before going to wor.k and have a more substantial meal after wor.k but at least two hours before going to bed! and then do some mental stuff and re calculate and re adjust the type and dose of insulin that needs to be injected. In our busy lives exercise can be incorporated first thing in the morning but, IMHO, its also clever to do a small bit 15–30 minutes after a meal. Blood is full of food compounds and its probably benefitial to activate muscles and, co.nsequently, the rt of the system, so that all the machinery can move a bit. Next bit is a sort of complicated because besides insulin, glucagon, growth hormone, and somesuch heavyweights of body metabolism, we have numerous other hormones and active body tissues. We are experiencing a lot of song and dance about mesenterium some even claim it as a newly found organ anatomy is boring if you dont invent a new organ every once in a while! but fa.t adipose! tissue those cells swollen with fa.t inside plus the intercellular tissues around them are full of hormonal miracles. Therefore, everybody in general and diabetics in particular, are advised to loose some weight. Its a case of tough luck for type 1 because without insulin they go to the great beyond and with too much insulin because of too much ca

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