The Best Snack for Low Blood Sugars is….

Hey guys, Doctor Berg here In this video, I'm going to talk about the best snacks for low blood sugar, okay? I used to have low blood sugar and I used to have like, protein snacks and protein bars and apples with peanut butter

Well, I don't recommend that any more, because every time you snack, you're going to worsen the problem You're going to worsen the low blood sugar You're going to become a real hypoglycemic, which is almost a pre-diabetes situation So continuing the snack always makes it worse over time, okay? We're going to talk about why So normal blood sugars: 100

But it's usually between I'd say, 80 to 90, but you don't want it higher than 100, okay? And what that means is one teaspoon of sugar diluted to your all of your blood in your body like, a gallon and a half of blood roughly, okay? So that's not that much sugar So what happens when you eat a snack, no matter what you snack on, it doesn't matter but protein will do this as well You actually elevate your sugars You're bringing your sugar back up, okay? So the sugar comes high and then that triggers a hormone called insulin and the purpose of insulin is to drive this sugar down So you end up with a low blood sugar situation

So here you are, eat a snack wait a couple hours, boom, it's down again You got to eat again It's high, boom, down It keeps coming up and down, up and down, up and down and this is what's happening to a lot of people and it happens to me as well And it just worsens the problem because they really don't understand the background, what's behind the scene

They don't realize that they're continuing the problem So you have to, number one, realize that snacking worsens the problem, okay? Number two, we have to change what you eat at the meal So you really want to do this where you have three meals a day starting out — no snacks To do that, and to stabilize your sugar, you need certain things One of the most important things to help insulin be stabilized and not go too high, or too low, would be potassium

Potassium and insulin work together, okay? So yes, you can take it as a supplement, but I would rather you get it from the foods And you guessed it, vegetables give you the most potassium So but, here's the thing, you need between about seven to 10 cups of vegetable — or even more salad, if you're going to do salad, because vegetables are a little bit more dense, every single day to get this potassium requirement No one is doing that, so they're going to have a hard time fixing this blood sugar situation So potassium, so you, if you, eat a meal the first thing you do is you have your, your vegetable, your salad, okay? So if I'm gonna do that, like I might do a kale shake, well, a huge salad

I'll eat that first before anything else, okay? That's number one, so I have vegetables I have a moderate amount of protein for with each meal Okay, that's like three to six ounces Don't want too much, because that could spike insulin as well Just a moderate amount

But here's the thing that is missing, too If you do a lean piece of meat or a protein shake with vegetables, you're going to be starving because if you already have a blood sugar problem, it's only going to last like an hour or two What you need to add to make this transition smooth, you need to add fat, okay? Like nuts, enough nuts, or almond butter, or nut butters, or avocado, or brie cheese, or more olive (oil) in your salad dressing, or, or butter, to the point where you feel so satisfied, you can go from one meal to the next comfortably, okay? So you have to make those adjustments If you have too much, you might aggravate the gallbladder and cause right shoulder pain and headaches because the gallbladder has nerves that run up there Or too little, you're just going to be hungry

Now the thing is that, if someone has low blood sugar, to make this transition, takes about three weeks to two weeks sometimes, okay? So until your body starts to get used to it But once you do it, you will actually go from one meal to next without much hunger, okay? And so, I put a video down below of more details of how to do this But even for kids, you do not want kids to snack between the meals, don't get them used to that because you're just setting them up for a spiked insulin, where they're constantly going to do this And, and the problem with the snacks is their so-called protein bars, but they always come with sugar I mean there, I looked at the protein bars at the grocery store

It's like all over the place Everything is hidden sugars — everywhere you go What does that tell you? It tells you that people are not aware of the amount of sugar that's in the food that's causing this blood sugar thing Because if you snack on a Snickers bar or something sweet between the meal or even an apple, you're really going to make this thing a lot worse in propel it into the future, okay? So a protein would be the next best thing but then just to cut it out completely That would be the best thing to do

And the last thing I want to talk about is there are certain things that will trigger insulin, okay? Sugar will do it, excessive protein will do it, but the other thing, if you combine protein with sugar, you get an exaggerated spike of insulin versus eating them separately So that would be the protein bar with, with the added sugar to it and that's what everyone's doing So again, I'm just kind of giving you some food for thought and to give you enough information so you can get out of this blood sugar trap Thanks for watching Hey tell me what you think about this video

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