The Best Low Carb Lasagna Recipe Ever!

wow Is it all for me? looks lovely! Today I'm going to be cooking a quick and easy meal for my wife to enjoy when she gets home from work Today's recipe will be on my blog, Jessicaoutofthecloset, where you can also find a whole load of other great stuff

Link in the description Hello loves, so I'm ill Well, the Jessica on the screen is ill, hence the paler than usual face Yeah, she's lost her voice Yeah, Hmmmn I was planning on doing a normal recipe video, but now you're getting an awsome recipe and a voiceover Which is practically a two for one What's the recipe, well you obviously know because you clicked on the video

It's low carb lasagne using butternut squash lasagne sheets I found in Sainsburys Now as anyone with a special diet knows, it's a massive bloody hassle I love cooking but sometimes I'm ill, or tired, and I just want the convienience of a dish that's readymade Here are some other cool low carb quick meals I found, including chick pea pasta Let me know if you want me to buy them and try them out for you On with the recipe Well done for beautifully presenting that Jessica I'm going to be using turkey mince because it's tasty, low fat and easy to digest I'm at like 40% today, so that last one is rather important Next up, ooh, she's not sure about this one, It's some ready made tomato and marscapone sauce Now, whilst readymade sauces can be a minefield, for us free-fromers, this one actually looks pretty okay, without the nasties, hopefully We'll see You will need

mince sheets two shallots, preferably focus, but, oh well some mushrooms spinnach, frozen or fresh and that tomato and marscapone sauce which I am apparently too ill to get into focus some parmasan and fresh basil just add a handfull really, but here's an entire out of focus plant because reasons yeah Thank you Jessica, bring it closer, that's really helpful begin by chopping up your mushrooms dice your shallots, or just vaguely chop them if you're unwell and feeling a little woozy Add some oil to a warm pan pop your shallots in and cook until golden we're just browning the meat here and reducing liquid so you don't get a sloppy washy lasagne because, quite honestly, could anything be worse Obvious brown is a relative concept for turkey, since it actually gets lighter fry for five minutes then stir in the mushrooms and cook for about three minutes until softened I ruddy love Lasange It was my favourite childhood dish Next, pour three quarters of our ready made sauce into the frying pan Add the spinach and cook until wilted If you're using frozen spinach like me then give it a quick defrost in the microwave first you obviously can't tell, but this genuinely smells amazing time to layer up our sheets in the official recipe for this, they suggest starting with a layer of the mince but, that's just silly clearly, you need a base that will hold together, so ignore that and follow me by making your first layer squash spread some mince on top add more sheets and repeat make sure you end with squash and finally cover with the rest of the tomato and marscapone sauce and then grate some parmasan on top like your life depends on it no, not the little side oh no, we're going for the biggest one this is vital for getting that crispy top we're dying for grate the cheese grate all of the cheese Bake for forty minutes in the oven and umn amazing Allow the Lasange to sit for fifteen minutes so a it solidifies and b you don't burn your mouth scatter some beautiful basil on top Present to your gorgeous wife Serve a massive helping, yum done OMG it was so good you need to make this oh, this looks lovely There you go guys, I hope you've enjoyed this recipe remember you can find all of the details on the blog and the link for that is in the description there will also be an extended recipe for the sauce, so you don't have to buy the readymade version let me know if you make this dish, and what you thinnk of it also if you'd like to see more easy low carb and gluten free dinners finally

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