Thai Red Curry | Low Carb Chicken Thai Curry KETO Recipe

I have the best Thai restaurant right next to my job and I love the chicken Thai curry so I wanted to make a keto version so that way whenever I crave it I can make it without guilt if you like recipe videos on my channel please give this video a thumbs up and comment down below the next recipe that you want me to keto 5 so that way I know to keep making these videos and let's go ahead and get started you're going to want to melt coconut oil in a deep dish on medium-high heat add your chicken and season to taste I'm just using salt cayenne pepper pepper and garlic powder see on both sides of the chicken and set aside you're going to want to cut these into smaller pieces slice half of an onion and throw into the pan as well as 1/4 of a medium green bell pepper 1/4 of a medium red bell pepper and saute these veggies for a couple of minutes until they become a little bit soft next it's time to add the pack of flavor I'm using garlic and ginger lemongrass would be amazing in this as well add in your chili paste and allow it to coat the veggies once all that is combined you're going to want to add back in your chicken now you can add as much or as little basil as you'd like but I love basil so I added a good French pour a can of coconut milk into your pan and mix well you're going to want to let this simmer for about 10 to 15 minutes this will allow your veggies to cook a little bit more and to get all those flavors to combine together and once this is done you can add some cauliflower rice to the side and you have yourself a keto fide chicken Thai curry that takes no time alright guys thank you so much for watching this as always if you want me to make more keto fied recipes on this channel please give me a thumbs up it helps my channel grow and leave me a comment down below on the next recipe you want me to make and I'll see you guys in the next one

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