Some cheap low carb foods for someone doesn t like to cook sweet and sour shrimp

Some cheap low carb foods for someone doesn t like to cook sweet and sour shrimp

Some cheap low carb foods for someone doesn t like to cook sweet and sour shrimp
When I first started a low carb diet, I faced the same dilemma. I cant eat x, y or z, so I wondered, well, what the heck am I supposed to eat? You dont need to cook, but you will have to ask for changes at your rtaurant. Here is a simple guide for low carb diet In every meal have some Proteins, carbs and fa.ts. You need all 3 Proteins chicken, eggs, beef, fish, shrimp, frog legs, turkey, pork, oysters, crawfish, etc…. Pretty much any animal will do. Aim for a portion the size of your opened palm. Fats nuts, olive oil, cocot oil, baco.n, lard, butter, tallow, avocado, dark chocolate. Avoid vegetable oils and hydrogenated fa.ts. Aim for a portion the size of your thumb. Carbs Low carb does not mean no carb. Eat lettuce, broccoli, cauliflower, zucchini, cucumber, cabbage, eggplant, tomatoes, kale, squash. Pick any non starchy vegetable, they provide some low glycemic index carbs, few of them it is low carb after all, and most importantly provide you with lots of fiber to fill you up. Some fruit is also ok. Aim for a portion the size of your fist or larger. So for example Breakfast eggs, baco.n, broccoli, Snack turkey slice, 1 square dark chocolate, carrots Lunch Chicken, salad with olive oil and vinegar snack nuts, a few strawberries, Dinner salmon, cauliflower rice, 1/2 avocado. Now, you say you dont cook, ok, fine, you can still be at a low carb diet provided you pay attention and ask for a few changes Lets say you go to a burger joint. Ask for a burger with lettuce wrap instead of buns, or simply no bun. Ask for broccoli instead of fries. Drink water instead of sodas. Boom, easy complete low carb meal. You take your kids to McDonalds, No problem, ask for a salad. You eat at the cafeteria, replace the rice or mashed potatoes with veggies. You are at an Italian place, eat a grilled salmon and replace the pasta with veggies. BBQ is always a great option. Really the only places that are out of reach are candy stores and pizza places. You can find low carb options pretty much everywhere else. So all you have to do is watch out for potatoes, bread, pasta and rice. Always ask for what sides come with your food and have them replaced with veggies. When asked what to drink, do not even hesitate, your answer should be water. If you feel like having a soda, turn to the neart person, ask for a good bitch slap, and if you still crave the soda, repeat. This is important low carb diet is not low fa.t. Do not try to reduce your fa.t intake. Saturated fa.ts are not the devil . Saturated fa.ts animal fa.ts mainly are really helpful to provide the energy you are not getting from carbs. They also keep your hunger in check, so dont avoid them, embrace them. If you are worried about cholterol, dont . Dietary cholterol is not the ki.ller, your body produces cholterol naturally. Lea.rn more about healthy fa.ts here . A low carb diet will be hard in the first week or two. Your body will switch metabolic path and go from fa.t saving mode to fa.t burning mode. This is extremely uncomfortable. You will feel powerful cravings for bread. You might experience mood swings. You will feel like a shark smelling blood every time you walk by a bakery. Some people even report flu like symptoms. Do not cave, the more you cave, the longer the agony. Once your body adapts, all of this will pass and you will feel energized and better than ever, but you have to get over the hump.

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