Sol CBD Oil Review – How You Can Benefit from This CBD Oil

Sol CBD Oil Review – How You Can Benefit from This CBD OilCBD oil is a hemp plant derivative. It has been regularly featured in the news as a form of alternative medicine that can help cure or provide relief from infections, illnesses, physical trauma, injuries, and more. While further research needs to be conducted into how exactly it is able to work, it is now accepted as a remedy for various illnesses and ailments, including skin conditions like psoriasis, neurological disorders, inflammation, coughs and colds, and more.

It is known that the pain felt after injury and trauma to the body is caused by the inflammation at the wound site. It is believed that applying hemp oil to an injury could be beneficial. Of course, pain can also be treated through over-the-counter and prescription drugs and through physical therapy. However, hemp oil is affordable, easy to get, and completely safe to use. As a result, many people prefer it as a treatment option.

Pain can be chronic or acute. Because hemp oil contains high levels of cannabinoids, which are known to have anti-inflammatory properties, they can help reduce any aches and pains, be they chronic or acute. Furthermore, it helps to calm the nerves, which are often responsible for pain sensations. CBD oil works in synergy with the endocannabinoid system in the body, which is responsible for fighting pain and colonic inflammation. It is modulated through the natural anti-inflammatory functions of the body. Indeed, even hemp in raw form has various therapeutic benefits as a result of the CBD content. It has helped people to lift up their mood, fight pain, and reduce chronic inflammation.

Sol CBD Oil is a popular product developed by Sol CBD. It is claimed to have all the benefits as described above. But what makes this particular product superior to others?

About Sol CBDAbout Sol CBD

Sol CBD was started by Larry and Oksana Ostrovsky. Throughout their lives, they have been advocates of natural health care and have been active in this field for nearly a decade. They both run a range of blogs that help to improve people’s lives through health awareness and personal development. Several years ago, they were able to personally experience the benefits of CBD and this led to their creation of their own line of products. They are also strongly focused on banishing the stigma attached to cannabis, believing it should instead be seen as a natural product that can help people to improve their health and their lives.

Sol CBD was formed in 2015. Its aim is to “bring your body back to health”. The company is proud of being completely open, honest, and transparent about their products and practices, operating with integrity all the way. It seems that, since founding Sol CBD, the couple has gained a lot of acclaim, with people all over the country using their products and positively reviewing them.

The hemp used to create all Sol CBD products is grown in Northern Europe. The company guarantees that all their products are:

  • Free from herbicides, pesticides, and additives
  • Made through CO2 extraction and therefore use cold processed oils only
  • Completely legal across the United States
  • Available without prescription

Sol CBD also sets itself apart by blending their oil with a range of ayurvedic herbs. The Ostrovskys have followed ayurvedic practices, which are the ancient medical practices of India, for many years. This has enabled them to create BioCBD, which is highly bioavailable because it is water soluble, being a liposomal. They have created a proprietary blend that Sol CBD claims is far easier for the body to absorb than oil based products.

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Sol CBD Oil

Sol CBD oil has been created to provide a number of important benefits:

  • It is anti-inflammatory.
  • It improves the natural immune system.
  • It improves the quality of sleep.
  • It can be used in a range of different disorders and problems, from obesity to schizophrenia.
  • It helps to reduce anxiety.

Prices and What You Get

Sol CBD is a small, family owned business. As a result, they currently only have a limited number of products available. Sol CBD oil comes in bottles of $95 each. However, at the time of this writing, they had a variety of offers available:

  • One bottle was available for $79, for a $16 saving.
  • Two bottles were available for $150, for a $40 saving.
  • Three bottles were available for $210 for, a $75 saving.
  • Each bottle contains 60 servings.

Prices and What You Get

Sol CBD, as stated, is completely open and transparent about the ingredients in their products. As such, the label tells you the product contains:

  • 5.6mg of industrial hemp oil (stem and stalk)
  • 5mg of cannabidiol (CBD)
  • Purified water, MCT oil, sunflower lecithin, glycerin, xanthan gum, gum Arabic, fruit extracts (orange, lemon, lime, grapefruit), stevia, and potassium sorbate.

Of interest is the fact that the product is a liposomal, for which they display a test result on their website. Liposomes have been scientifically proven to have a number of benefits, including the fact that:

  • They can be absorbed independently from food.
  • They can mask the bitterness of CBD oil.
  • They increase bioavailability.
  • They works with the body, which works on water.
  • They are completely natural.

product is a liposomalIn terms of shipping, the company aims to send their product out the same day using USPS, which usually means the product arrives within one to four days after ordering. Orders over $75 come with free shipping, and those below $75 are charged $5.95 for S&H. International shipping is currently not available.

How to Use Sol CBD Oil

Using the oil is very easy. The product is highly concentrated, offering strengths around three times higher as those found in other CBD oils on the market. To use it, you only need to put four servings in a glass of water. Doing so will enable you to instantly access the various enzymes, vitamins, and phytonutrients contained within the drink, which helps to treat a variety of different conditions. The bottles come with an easy application pump so you will always know how much to use. The oil has an orange, citrus flavor that makes it quite tasty and easy to consume.

How Sol CBD Oil Works

Sol CBD oil contains high levels of cannabinoids. They interact directly with the brain’s CB-1 receptors, ensuring they become deactivated. This means that any nerves that were hyperactive will start to calm down, including the nervous system and the immune system. The result is that the body feels more relaxed overall and that it can start to heal. Hence, the oil can help to prevent various auto immune diseases, as well as mental and nervous conditions.

It is best to consume Sol CBD oil on the morning, although some people also use it in the evening to help them sleep. Scientists have found that taking it three times per day, morning, afternoon, and evening, is particularly beneficial for those who want to treat mental conditions such as anxiety and depression. As a natural product, it is very safe and you are likely to find that you will be able to find the right dosage for your personal needs.

Most people use Sol CBD oil for the treatment of chronic pain. This is usually experienced in body cavities, ligaments, organs, muscles, and joints. Sometimes, chronic pain is caused by an underlying disease such as Lyme disease, fibromyalgia, Crohn’s disease, multiple sclerosis, or ulcerative colitis. The oil made by Sol CBD has been designed to be rapidly absorbed so it can to work on the endocannabinoid system inside the body, affecting the various nociceptive pathways. In so doing, it helps to bring down the level of inflammation, which is a main underlying factor in chronic pain and illnesses. It is undeniable that hemp oil is a fantastic natural product for pain relief. It is full of important fatty acids that help the body increase its production of eicosanoids, which ensure the body’s temperature and pain level remain balanced.

Does It Really Work?

The big question, of course, is whether Sol CBD oil works at all. According to the many people who have tried it and reviewed it, it absolutely does. This shouldn’t come as a surprise because the company prides itself on using only the purest oil. According to users, the product has helped them with a variety of conditions, including sciatica. Some have even stated that they no longer need to take their prescription painkillers, which is a very positive development. Some mentioned that it has given them relief from the pain of fibromyalgia. The best thing about the oil, however, is that it doesn’t cause any side effects.

Other Sol CBD ProductsOther Sol CBD Products

Sol CBD also produces a range of other products, including:

  • 3600mg high CBD concentrate tincture
  • CBD capsules
  • Maximum strength soothing herbal CBD balm
  • Sol CBD Cinnamint flavor
  • Sol CBD Natural flavor
  • Sol CBD pet tincture
  • Vape oil (grape/mint flavor)

Guarantee and Terms and Conditions

Sol CBD prides itself on being a company that focuses on creating high quality products that their customers can trust. Hence, they provide a no questions asked money back guarantee, in line with their terms and conditions. All purchases are backed by a 60 day money back guarantee, although the cost of shipping and handling is not included in this. Unfortunately, this can make applying for a refund quite expensive, unless you received free shipping in the first place.

Should you have purchased the capsules, then you only have to return the package if you have more than 30 pills remaining. Hence, by waiting slightly longer, you could save yourself the shipping and handling fees.

All relevant terms of service are listed on the company’s website.

Where to Buy Sol CBD

The best way to purchase Sol CBD oil is through the company’s own website. This guarantees that you get the real deal and that you are fully covered by their money back guarantee. In addition, it will give you an opportunity to take a look at their other products and to read up on the research conducted on Sol CBD oil and others. The company accepts payments through all major credit and debit cards, so making a payment couldn’t be easier.

What I Liked About Sol CBD

  • It has been highly positively reviewed by many people, with regular reports of it working on anxiety.
  • The flavor is very nice because of the addition of citrus fruits.
  • It helps treat inflammation and also improves quality of sleep.
  • The CBD content is really high, more so than in other products.
  • You don’t need a prescription for this product.
  • It contains a proprietary blend that includes ayurvedic medicine.
  • The company is open and transparent, and they have an excellent return policy.

What I didn’t Like About Sol CBD

What I didn’t Like About Sol CBD

  • It isn’t cheap, although the company does have regular special offers available.
  • It can be quite confusing to determine which product to use and when.
  • Benefits are not instant.

The Final Verdict

Overall, Sol CBD is the perfect product for complete newbies to the world of CBD and the true connoisseurs. This particular CBD oil is the only one on the market whereby the manufacturers have really focused on making the taste acceptable. Plus, it is undeniable that CBD oil has tremendous health benefits. Of course, the results won’t become apparent overnight. Rather, you have to keep taking it if you want to really benefit from it.

Sol CBD oil is something to be impressed aboutOverall, Sol CBD oil is something to be impressed about. The company clearly cares about the products they put out and their customers. The husband and wife team seems to have developed something that really works and that people all over the country are starting to benefit from. Both Larry and Oksana are natural health experts and this goes to show in the popularity of their CBD oil product. Regardless of which Sol CBD product you end up purchasing, you will be sure that it is of superior quality and that it will provide you with relief from whatever ailment that afflicts you. Whether it is MS, fibromyalgia, or anxiety, Sol CBD oil can help you to overcome it and restore your quality of life. We recommend it 100%.

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