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I have not forgotten about my dear friends at Slim Twin I've just been busy with some other stuff recently

But I want to get back to checking out the rest of their ice creams, so I'm gonna do chocolate this week And it's starting right after this Hey guys, welcome to AD Keto

My name is Aaron This is the channel where you can watch a weird dad work his way through the ketogenic diet I do some keto eating vlogs, I do some keto product reviews, and I do some keto giveaways If this is your first time here, please consider subscribing, and if you do, make sure you're on notification squad by clicking the bell Okay, guys

It's been a few weeks since I've had any Slim Twin I've been all up in Killer Whey's business the last few weeks, but I want to get back to Slim Twin, because they're pretty, pretty good, at least the flavors I've had so far, particularly cardamom So if you've been here before, you'll know that I break my reviews down into three parts Three and a half, maybe four parts, nowadays? I talk about the texture first How's it feel coming out of the pint? How's it feeling this thing? I talk about the flavor

Do I like it? And I talk about the carbs And the third and a half fourth section is the ingredients

I've taken to giving a rundown of the ingredients in each of these pints as well So let's get into it Slim Twin, of course, has the cool, more sturdy lid Oh This has been out of my

Wow This has been on my freezer for about a half an hour My freezer must've been really set colder, because look at that

That's uh Yikes This could be operator error, here, you guys

Let's see how thishow this goes That's not it's not what I expected to see when I opened it up

But you know, it's coming out okay This is gonna be a frosty first bite Not at all bad Texture is pretty good I'm gonna give this pint the benefit of the doubt, because yeah, look

It's it's been frozen solid, I think, for a while It's been in my freezer for a bit — for like, at least a few weeks

And I feel like it's probably been right next to the right next to the fan, or something But we'll power through

I'll find a way to power through this review The taste is pretty good It is about what you'd expect I can't really speak to the texture To be fair, like this is just

kind of hard and frosty But I think that's my fault I like it

The taste is not incredibly chocolatey, but also not weak That bite, though? I was gonna say it's a little middle-of-the-road, but that

I got a good good dose of it — of the chocolate, there I think that if I were to let this sit out for another half hour or so, I might get a better idea, because yeah You can see, it's just sort of sort of chunky and hard, still But I don't mind the taste one bit It's what you expect from a chocolate ice cream

It tastes like chocolate It's not crazy indulgent It's also not it's not whispery It's it's not

you know, I'm not struggling to taste the chocolate It's kind of fudgey I don't mind it

Let's get to the nutrition and the carbs Serving size: one half cup Four servings per container, as usual 70 calories, total fat 15 grams, saturated fat one gram, six grams of protein, total carbs: 11 grams, dietary fiber: 4, and sugar alcohol: 3

So that gets us down to what? 4 grams of net carbs per serving? 16 grams of carbs per pint That is righteous

I'm happy to see Slim Twin keeping things in the keto range Like, my old friends Halo Top have really, in my opinion, kind of dropped the ball recently I used to be a big fan of Halo Top's lemon flavor, but I noticed that they upped the calories and carbs in that one It's nice to see ice creams that are fewer than 20 carbs per pint Let me just read you the ingredients, here

We have nonfat milk, egg yolk, milk protein concentrate, cocoa powder processed with alkali, erythritol, solullhr or soluble tapioca fiber, cream, cane sugar, hmm Vanilla extract, locust bean gum, monk fruit extract

Allergy warning: contains milk and egg Well, it's a bummer about the cane sugar However, there's an asterisk next to it, and next to most of these ingredients I don't know if you you probably can't read that there, because it won't focus But it says the asterisk means organic So organic cane sugar is still cane sugar But you know? You could do much worse than Slim Twin Not too bad at all, outside of that cane sugar Yeah, I will recommend this stuff, because of the carbs, and because it's got a nice fudgey taste, and your pint will probably look better than that, particularly if you keep it away from the fan in your freezer One more bite

Lemme get some of this gooey stuff down here The stuff around the sides has been melting Look at how fudgey that is Yeah, pretty good, you guys Can't come close to cardamom

These guys If these guys put out garbage flavors the other flavors that have yet to taste, I will still adore them, because of cardamom So that's chocolate If you guys have had it, let me know what you think! How do you think it compares to other chocolate low-carb ice creams that you've had? Let me know down in the comments I would love to hear from you

That's gonna wrap it up for this review, guys Thank you so much for watching Thank you so much for subscribing I hope you have a fantastic day, and I will see you next time This

you know, this blows the water out what? Blows the water Blows the water What what what what what? FUDGEY WUDGEY What?

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