Should I Go Low Carb?

Hi there Rex, how's things? Well, I'm ok Just got out of the gym and as you can see, I'm pretty sweaty and just want to go home as soon as possible

Whoa there, hold your horses man I want to look as great as you do so I've been thinking whether I should go low on carbs or not Since you look like a barrel, I think you should actually do that But you need to be very careful with the foods you eat and how much, but also when you eat it So it's like that? It sure is man and if you don't stick to your diet and exercising, then you won't really be able to lose weight

So be sure you have someone to motivate you so you don't lose interest in exercising I think that will be a bit of a problem The only thing that motivates me is eating, but since I won't be allowed to eat as before, I don't have any motivating factors Now that's big problem, but there is a solution to it I know you never had a girlfriend, so put a poster on the wall while exercising, with the girl that you'll want to be with after losing weight

Man that's a terrific idea! May I also put a picture of a girl eating some chicken? Hm, that sounds like some weird fetish right there, but if that works for you, then go ahead We're all God's sons with or without our strange fetishes Great, I think that I now have the motivation I need to start working out, going on a low carb diet and eventually looking great There you go, just get 'em tiger and show them who's boss! *barks like a marine in approval*


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