RedRush 360 Review – Is This the Best at Home Red Light Therapy Device?

RedRush 360 Review - Is This the Best at Home Red Light Therapy Device?By now, everybody knows that exposure to high levels of sunlight is bad for the skin. Indeed, UV exposure can cause a lot of damage to your skin tissue. It makes your skin dry out, cells die, and wrinkles start to appear. However, we shouldn’t shy away from the sun because this can lead to a vitamin D deficiency, which can cause innumerable other problems. Instead, it is about finding a balance.

One way to achieve that balance, it seems, is through red light therapy. This isn’t the same as sunlight, however. Rather, it is said to reverse the damage that has been caused by too much sun exposure. Red light, unlike UV, is part of the visible spectrum. It is said that exposure has numerous health benefits and this seems to be supported by scientific evidence. Indeed, this was developed by NASA, which used red light therapy on astronauts. Since, it has been tested on rats, soldiers, and even children, and it has been found to be highly effective.

The inevitable result of the emergence of effective treatment options is that numerous manufacturers have started to create products that help us access those treatments at home. Unfortunately, some of those manufacturers are in it to make a quick buck and not to actually provide us with products that work. Meanwhile, Red Rush 360, manufactured by Red Light Co, seems to be different. Let’s take a look at this particular product.

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A Brief History on Red Light TherapyA Brief History on Red Light Therapy

During the 1990s, red light therapy was used on plants in space. They used LED lights that were ten times as bright as the sun, thereby speeding up photosynthesis and cell metabolism. Towards the turn of the millennium, the first attempt to measure the impact of red light on human skin was measured. In space, wounds were observed to be slow in healing, which can be a difficulty for astronauts. NASA was happy to see, therefore, that red light therapy did in fact speed up healing times. Since then, it has been tested as a treatment option for a range of skin conditions, including wrinkles, age spots, psoriasis, rosacea, acne, and even cancer.

How Does Red Light Therapy Work?

Through red light exposure, wounds heal much more quickly. This is because the light can easily penetrate the skin, reaching much deeper than the other visible light colors. Skin cells absorb the light and start to grow around 200% faster than before. AS a result, elastin and collagen, the two elements necessary for young, elastic skin, start to form faster as well. Furthermore, red light encourages cell regeneration, meaning it can help clear up a range of skin problems. Because it works on the inside, it is a holistic treatment approach.

Dermatologists, scientists, the military, and NASA all agree that this kind of therapy isn’t a gimmick, but something that really works. NASA, in particular, has conducted numerous tests on it, including using hyperbaric oxygen and LED lights. Their results conclusively proved that LED lights help to speed up the healing process in the skin.

What About Safety?

You will be happy to know that red light therapy is also completely safe. Some people find that they experience eye strain or headaches, but this can be avoided by wearing goggles or simply by not staring directly at the lights. Blue light is, in fact, far more problematic for the eyes. In addition, red light uses LED and, while it gets warm, it will never be hot to the touch. That said, you do have to speak to your physician about this treatment, particularly if you are on any medication that increases photosensitivity.

Furthermore, if you were to use red light therapy for acne treatment, it is likely that you will first experience a flareup. This is completely normal and to be expected. You must continue the treatment, however, as the flareup is caused by rapid healing.

What Is Red Rush 360?What Is RedRush 360?

The RedRush 360 Body Light is a 660nm RED and 850nm NIR combination lamp. It usually costs $595, but at the time of this writing, it was available for just $449. For that, you will receive the ultra powerful body light, with a power of 360 watts. This is the ultimate in at home professional red light therapy tools that allow you to perform at your best and feel and look better, from the comfort of your own home.

Of interest is the fact that it uses the wavelength combination, which has been scientifically proven to be the most bioavailable form of red light. Specifically, the 660nm red light helps to rejuvenate the skin and smooth the surface. The 850nm near infrared light is suitable for muscles, joints, and tissue healing.

The RedRush 360 uses 360 watts of power and comes with two cooling fans. It can treat an area with a length of between 24” and 60”. Each area should be treated for between seven and 10 minutes. You should focus on the irradiance of the device, depending on what you want to achieve. As such:

  • You need 105 mw/cm2 at 6” for deep tissue.
  • You need 47 mw/cm2 at 18” for energy.
  • You need 15 mw/cm2 at 26” to improve the skin

The device weighs just 13lbs and comes with a two year warranty. It has a lifetime of 50,000 hours and has RoHS, CE, and FC safety and industry certifications. Also, you will receive a patent pending connected app that ensures you get the perfect dosage of red light therapy each time you use it. The manufacturer wants to ensure that people understand that dosage is very important and that most people who claim not to have experienced any benefits were likely to have used the wrong dosage for their desired results.

Lastly, when you purchase the RedRush 360, you will receive a 60 day home trial and free shipping.

What’s in the RedRush 360 Box?What’s in the Box?

The box contains:

  • The combo body light
  • A 10ft power cord
  • A door hanging hook
  • A braided steel cable
  • An adjustable height pulley system
  • Protective glasses
  • A quickstart guide
  • A code to download the app on either iOS or Android devices
  • International shipping
  • International plugs
  • The door hanging kit is particularly useful. It ensures that you can use your device whenever and wherever you are. You can use the treatment while laying down, sitting, or standing, hanging it either vertically or horizontally. This ensures that you are always comfortable while receiving your treatment.

How to Use Red Light TherapyHow to Use Red Light Therapy

Red light therapy works because of the photochemical reaction that it stimulates. This happens deep in the mitochondria. The exact effect you can expect will depend on the density of the light, the wavelength, and how long you received treatment. For instance, if you want to experience an analgesic effect, you should have a continuous beam pointed at the area. If you want to access the anti-inflammatory benefits or repair your tissue, then pulses are better.

Red light therapy can be very effective, but only if the different irradiation parameters, which are time, total energy, energy density, pulse parameters, power density, power, and wavelength, are set within the proper ranges. This is why the RedRush 360 is such a superior device, as it comes with the app for proper dosages. Red light therapy has been clinically proven to:

  • Reduce inflammation, remodel, and promote healing at injury sites.
  • Target the lymph nodes to reduce inflammation and edema.
  • Induce analgesia by reaching the nerves.
  • Relax muscle fibers and reduce tenderness by reaching specific trigger points.

Exactly how long people should be treated will depend on the device, their expected results, and the severity of their condition. Again, this is why the app linked to RedRush 360 is so important. It ensures that you can get the greatest benefit from your treatment.

How Does It Work?

The fact that the RedRush is a combo device is very important. It uses both red and near infrared light, both of which have longer wavelengths than other colors, thereby making it easier for the skin to absorb it. In fact, the light can get to as much as a third of an inch into the tissue, getting through both the epidermis and the dermis, all the way down to the levels of collagen and elastin.

When those cells are stimulated, they are encouraged to grow faster. The result is that the skin becomes looking and feeling younger. The skin becomes firmer and more elastic. Swelling and redness are reduced because blood circulation in the skin improves.

Is It Worth the Cost?

Red light therapy is not cheap. However, if you have skin problems or have started to age and are unhappy about your wrinkles, then it may be worth spending for such a device. After all, over the course of years, the other treatments you would purchase, including dermatology appointments, skin serums, and cosmetic procedures, would be far more expensive. Only you know whether or not you can afford this device but it is generally better to spend a little bit more and get something good, than to get something cheap that doesn’t really work.

Scientifically Proven BenefitsScientifically Proven Benefits

The most important thing to remember is that red light therapy has been scientifically proven to be of benefit. This means that, so long as you use the device properly, you will experience improvements to your skin and neuromuscular system. While it is equally easy to find negative reviews on this type of therapy, a quick look at the details of those negative comments will show you that people did not use the correct light source and/or the correct dosage. Others did not properly prepare their skin, leaving oily debris and makeup in place, which stops the light from penetrating as deeply as it could. Similarly, it is possible that they did not properly maintain their equipment.

Side Effects and Product Warnings

Any type of treatment has potential side effects associated with it and red light therapy is no different. However, no long term side effects have been identified. The only thing that the FDA has mentioned, in fact, is that people should not look straight into the infrared or red light. Your skin will not burn either, therefore. However, if you use it for acne, as explained, you may start with an initial flareup before noticing the benefits.

According to law, all manufacturers must include the NOHD (Normal Ocular Hazard Distance) with their devices. However, because RedRush 360 uses LED lights, divergent light is emitted instead of focused beams. This means that there is almost no risk to eyes at all. Of course, you do have to be responsible yourself for following the instructions.

As such, product warnings include:

  • To always wear goggles when using the device. Goggles have been included.
  • To not use red light therapy on areas of known primary carcinomas or secondary metastasis. It can be used, however, during chemotherapy to fight mucositis and other side effects. It can also provide palliative relief on terminal patients, if permitted by their physician.
  • To avoid using the product when pregnant. No adverse effects are known, but it has not been tested for this yet either. Some work is being done in determining the safety of red light therapy as a form of treatment for back pain in pregnancy but this still ongoing.
  • To avoid applying the lasers too close to the thyroid gland in case this may inhibit or stimulate its activity.
  • To avoid applying the treatment over tattoos as the dye will absorb the energy and get hot.
  • To avoid using it to stimulate hair growth on the neck or head as this may lead to the melanin absorbing the energy and thereby causing pain.
  • To be aware that those with very dark skin may experience uncomfortable heat when using this product.
  • To avoid using it if you have photosensitive epilepsy.

What About Weight Loss?What About Weight Loss?

A current debate is raging on whether or not red light therapy can be used for weight loss. While it is accepted to be effective for skin treatment, cell regeneration, and pain management, there is no agreement yet on the potential benefits for weight loss. It is believed that the therapy may affect adipocytes, which store fat, making the lipids disperse. In other words, it can encourage the body to wash fat cells away. Furthermore, a 2012 study showed that red light therapy reduced levels of hunger, thereby lowering calorie intake. It was also found to be able to control both ghrelin and leptin, the hunger hormones.

Lastly, some studies suggest that the therapy could be used to reduce cellulite and fat, while improving the profiles of blood lipids. This means that people could indeed lose a significant amount of weight by using this treatment. However, there is no full scientific agreement on this yet.

What I Liked About RedRush 360

  • The therapy is FDA approved and effective for chronic pain.
  • It rejuvenates the skin, while building levels of collagen and elastin.
  • It repairs damage cause by the sun.
  • It helps the body to detox, fighting inflammation, stretch marks, and scars.
  • It may help hair growth.
  • It may help with weight loss.
  • It fights acne, rosacea, and eczema.

What I Didn’t Like About RedRush 360

  • It’s expensive.
  • It can cause a flareup of acne at first.
  • It can cause some damage in certain situations.

The Final Verdict

So is RedRush 360 any good? We give it a resounding yes. Based on actual science with proven results, this is a medical grade device that you can use at home to look and feel better.

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