[Preview] What is the brilliance with low carb for type 1 diabetes?

The brilliance of the low-carb diet for a type 1 diabetic is what we call the rule of small numbers The rule of small numbers means that if you ate little carbs you wouldn't need as much doses of insulin

And then that would translate into perhaps less hypoglycemia And of course if you eat less carbs that would also translate into less hyperglycemia So the Orthodox way of treating type 1 diabetes is with a high carb diet and big doses to cover the carbohydrates And the thing that this might cause is a roller coaster of ups and downs of blood glucose that this can be really limited or reduced with a low carbohydrate diet And people just feel well

So there are meals that consists of more proteins, some vegetables, low-carb stuff and then fats And this would require really much less doses of insulin One of the things that I'd like people with type 1 diabetes to know is that if you eat anything with any weight you'd probably need some insulin to cover it But if you're eating something that's very low-carb, then sometimes you can get away with it without getting high blood sugars


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