[Preview] What happens if you overeat on a low-carb diet?

I wanted to give you guys a bit more of a background on me Some of you might know my self-experiments, my overeating tough experiments where I ate 5000 cal a day

And I did that with three different diets And basically the idea was, was that I'd eat double the amount I usually would, and see what happens with those three different diets over 21 days, with a three-month washout period in between The first one was Low-carb Real Food and I ended up in a 47,000 cal surplus, which according to the calorie formula should've equaled 61 kg But in reality, I actually only put on just over a kilogram, which is 2

2 pounds, and actually lost 3 cm from my waist, which is just over an inch And then, experiment two, after that three-month washout period, low-fat fake food you can see that

Again, I ended up in a 47,000 cal surplus, this is after exercise, protein, fiber, everything like that Again should've been 61 kg of weight gain I ended up being 71 kg, which is approximately 16 pounds

And then, I put on 925 cm on my waist, which is just shy of 4 inches And for a guy that's always been naturally lean, yeah, that was interesting And then experiment 3 was very low-fat vegan So, I ended up in just shy of 40,000 cal net surplus

And is quite interesting, following on from that last talk, I was actually eating about 150 g of fiber a day, so, I was regular So, I should've gained 52 kg, ended up putting on 47 kg, still an substantial amount, and putting on 775 cm on my waist, which is approximately 3 inches

So, this kind of really set me up in terms of giving me the credentials to get in touch with all of these doctors


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