[Preview] “Type 2 diabetes management can be pretty simple”

Do you have any patients who have successfully been doing low-carb for five years or more? Yes I presented one whom I diagnosed with the HbA1c of 101, professional, slim, and healthy generally otherwise

And I said, "What are you going to do? You got the choice, going towards medication or lifestyle, just changing diet" "Doc, what do you want me to change?" I said, "This is what you need to do You need to stop eating your chapatis that you're having at nighttime and you need to stop or minimize your sandwiches at lunchtime Keep everything else the same He changed it and within two months his HbA1c was down to a normal level and within three months it was below 40

And during that time his cholesterol improved, his weight came down a little bit more and he was so chuffed with that and I complimented him so much that three and a half years later he's still at that same level Other people have been longer, but that is one that really stands out, because it was such a dramatic drop and maintained


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