[Preview] Low carb: “To walk outside and just feel normal, it’s almost euphoric”

I had results that I've seen forward, just all of the place, every single day and then flatline It's one of the most incredible images when you see that, especially for someone who has type 1 diabetes to see that change because it's thought that you can't do that

It's generally thought it won't be possible for you to do that as a type 1 diabetic you're going to have to manage at some level hypers and hypos all the time And it is important for people to know that there is resources available where people are successfully not having to deal with that at all and doing so quite successfully And there are people who do do that and do it way better than I'm doing it, which is incredible, because I know, I am lucky enough to be armed with a lot of information on nutrition and how to go about doing that And these people have just armed themselves with information that has truly transformed their health I hear stories, like the other day, someone was on there saying "For 30 years I've had type 1 diabetes and I've never had an A1c lower than 7

And look, my A1c is 56 This is incredible, thank you so much" For someone who's a type 1 diabetic, that is euphoric to see that, because I know the implications of that It's like you are normal, you're normal now And when you live your whole life kind of somewhat abnormal to walk outside and just feel normal, it's almost euphoric

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