[Preview] Is there any good science on type 1 diabetes and low carb?

Is there any good science to sort of point to good scientific trials on type 1 diabetics and low-carb? Well yes, there's the trial by Nillson that was done in Scandinavia, came out in 2012 They took 40 patients, 20 on each arm, and fed them a diet of 75 g of carbohydrate, which I would consider it's relatively high, but it was obviously a quarter of the recommended diet Those patients who were on the low carbohydrate diet did very well indeed Their average HbA1c reduced by 1

2%, which I think it's 16 mmol per mol or something in that region Their amount of hypos went down by 90% and they were able to sustain the diet for four years, 60% of cases So a diet that people can retain over a long period of time And the lower the carb quantity in the person's diet, the better their HbA1c I think it's a very persuasive trial

It's an observational trial in that sense, but it didn't get into the NICE guidelines Just not a randomized trial comparing groups? No, but well, there were two groups

Yes, two groups But they're not randomized No And unfortunately the guidelines when they were set out for diabetes in the UK excluded low-carb diets from their search and I'm not sure why that was So at the moment we're in consultation to see if there's any changes that can be made or revisions to the guidelines on the basis that these diets weren't looked at before

So I think the guideline is there for the present time incomplete


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