[Preview] How Dr. Eric Westman teaches low carb to patients

So the teaching that I do is about an hour-long and I go through a handout of basics like Not only the allowed foods that are recommended, but also how do you handle artificial sweeteners, how do you handle beverages with caffeine Some people need to be careful with those, most people don't have to be careful with those There are a lot of issues that happen, because after a day or two the hunger goes away so well, you know, it's almost like I am prescribing a medicine to cut out the hunger You want to make sure people understand they don't have to eat if they're not hungry

And that may seem strange but I reassure people they're going to be fine if they don't eat three meals a day, because they are not hungry Bring in the kind of teaching that you can live for two days on a pound of body fat without eating anything at all And people are, "I guess I can live a long time" So yes, it's kind of unlearning the things that you've just kind of learned automatically when you're eating carbs so much

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low carb recipes

Low Carb recipes

Low Carb recipes