[Preview] How can low carb help people with type 2 diabetes?

We've done quite a bit of research in cyclists and runners and healthy people in general And we're switching focus now towards type 2 diabetes

And again there are a lot of people already doing this We're planning studies to investigate the mechanisms of how LCHF is getting these improvements, but what we thought we would do is just have a look at how the people who are already on the LCHF diet are faring So you can see that eligibility criteria for the study are very broad Basically they had to have been previously diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and that means that a medical doctor told them that they have type 2 diabetes And the second criteria is they have to say that they've been following LCHF diet for at least six months

So we didn't screen in any way, we just took them on their word We wanted to find out what is the diabetes status of these individuals, what does the LCHF diet look like in the wild, They are not under any sort of supervision in general

and what have been the experiences of these individuals

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