[Preview] Carbs or not for type 1 diabetics?

When I look back in my life, I'm grateful to have type 1 diabetes, because if I didn't have type 1 diabetes there's no way I'd be in the position I am right out to know as much as I do about you know, how my body and as a result learned about how metabolism food, exercise, all these different things can affect your metabolic health, but also insulin management, blood glucose management, all these things that I've learned through personal experience, but now I am realizing there is research around, there is a career I can make in research surrounding this topic I wouldn't change it all out, I'm grateful

I'm not saying that if I could take away type 2 diabetes would I take it away? Honestly I don't know at this point, because what I have available to me is the ability to see truly how I respond to certain things which is an absolute asset for me and what I do now And so I got to be honest with you if I were to look back and say would I take away type I diabetes if I had to, it would be a debatable thing

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