[Preview] Bringing low carb to more people

Our initial idea, and this just goes to show how, you know, life happens, so our original idea was that we would do this and present this data to our locality commissioners So the commissioners are quite literally the people that commission services

So those are the guys who say, "Right, this is how much money you have "and you're going to provide this amount of service with this amount of money and you're going to do it in this fashion" So our plan was to say, "At the moment, you're doing what you're doing "and it's not massively successful We've perhaps got an alternative approach" Now locality commissioners are very good at saying, "We don't really care what that guy Westman is doing over in America "and we don't care what that bloke Unwin is doing in Liverpool This is our patch, tell us what's going on here

" So that was our principle, we're going to do it small but we're going to try and do it well and we're going to try and influence them During the course of this year we've actually joined what is often referred to as a super partnership It's basically a national GP partnership So traditionally GP partnerships are being quite small, maybe two or three patients We are comparatively big, but now we've joined a partnership which is 100 partners looking after 300,000 patients across the whole of the UK

So we are sort of geographically spread out Now that gives us tremendous scope to be able to scale up

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