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hello greedy and welcome on enjoying and dieting in the same plate today as you can hear in my voice, I just woke up indeed it's because I'm going to film you a video that I do in the morning because it's a breakfast so this breakfast I do not very often because it's quite low in calories but as I'm greedy so it happens to me to do it it's my low carb pudding indeed for 500 grams it's only 150 calories and here I decided to do the pudding four times Why ? because I want to test the capacity of my stomach and that's why I made a pudding of 2 kilos that is here look at this pudding, it is huge I can put it like that it' doesn't break up you see and it's 5lbs look at this bowl compared to my head it is huge so I'm going to eat that and my goal in this series of videos that I'm going to launch it is to make quite big breakfasts in quantity and to increase the amount every video to make a series in which I increase the capacity of my stomach

and you follow this process here it's 5lbs and I'm going to add a little bit of toppings on the top but later I can put more and more or further increase the portions to make 2 liters and a half, 3 liters, I know it's not the maximum there are people who eat more for example I have two friends who are also youtubeurs so if you understand English I invite you to see their youtube channel because it's really interesting and they have a huge stomach capacity it's Darko and Ilyan, I'll put their channel in description down below without further ado let's go to the tasting because I'm hungry let's go !! here we are going to do a little physique update before and after so that you see again the size of my stomach before and after look at this and here we go! first bite so today I want to introduce a subject that is important to me and that happened to me not a long time ago because as you know it's been two-three weeks that I went out to eat all-you-can-eat-buffets if you follow me on instagram you will see it and I did cheat meals since 2-3 weeks whereas normally I do not do it or only on occasions which are not planned but there since 2-3 weeks, every week it was scouring towards Sunday when I was not working I was going to eat a cheat meal and what I realized is that this cheat meal make you become addictive in addition to that I studied Bayesian Bodybuilding training and in the course I studied two weeks ago we talked about cheat meals and a lot of people boast of the cheat meal as something quite good when done with care and not too often that would be saying a "metabolic increase" for example during a diet except that it is not at all the case in reality it slows down weight loss it certainly brings energy but it slowed down your weight loss because the deficit becomes immediately smaller in addition if it is not controled it can become a calories surplus I have long believed in cheat meal I watched videos etc and often people are of the same opinion, to cheat once in a while is not bad for example a lot of big youtubers for example tibo inshape who made cheat meals every Saturday night and many others who do that too like for example bodytime who were doing weekend cheats if we can call it like that all weekend they did not count their calories and they ate what they wanted those two things actually are not good because we get a taste and suddenly the body gets used to it because as I already explained the body gets used to what we do and everything becomes a habit so when every week we give him the habit of eating cheat meals every week he will want his cheat meal on Sunday or Saturday and on top of that it poses several problems because firstly all week you're going to think about it and to think of cheat meal means to be eager and not to think about his diet

it can be a motivation to say that we eat healthy to be able to eat the cheat meal but that's not good for health and in addition it makes you love industrial foods and if we are used to eating a food we will like it and so if we are used we will still want to eat it every time because it's good NOT because the body needs it the same for unprocessed foods or healthy foods if we eat them often we'll find them good and for example someone who eats a paleo diet it means no processed food he will not feel the urge to eat industrial foods while if you start to eat it you will like it and so if you like, your brain, who likes what is good, will want besides that the 2nd problem is that knowing that these foods comfort you this will become a comfort food and as soon as there is a worry you will dive on the food an example, you're on a diet you'll want to dive right back on what you like for example if you like ben & jerry's ice cream, as soon as you are on the diet and that you are sick of it, you crack on an ice cream and the diet is destroyed that's about half of it you see there is still a lot, there is still work go back to it another example, you come home from work you're tired you're fed up, you had a hard day what are you doing ? oh I let myself go and I'm eating a burger with fries it will give me a smile except that if you never eat burgers, fries or ice cream it would not happen to you because the body would not be used to eating it and so he would not want to and then the last problem is when you start eating it as I told you this creates a habit and so we want that's what happened to me and that's where I made a connection after reading the training and understand why when you start doing cheat meals you can not stop for example I give you my case first week I made a cheat meal in a all you can eat buffet it was a month ago and after this cheat meal I had no aftermath I did not want to redo cheat or something like that because the body did not have a habit

except that what happened is that 8 to 10 days after maybe two weeks after I did a cheat meal again and so the body said there is a habit every seven to ten days he makes a cheat meal so what happens is that every 7 to 10 days the body sends an alert and so makes you think of a cheat meal which is not something good in itself because you should not like it because it's not so good for your health BUT I'm not saying that you should ban everything, no! but do not expect anything because if you plan your cheat meal it may come back too often and finally for your health it will not be good and in addition you will be frustrated because if you have none or if for example you see that it is only Wednesday and that it's Saturday the cheat meal and that you can't wait in your brain is going to be: "It's when we are saturday ? I can not stand it anymore" that's not good so what is needed is not to plan cheat meal if now a friend calls you to go to the restaurant today or to eat a pizza for example I do not know full of examples and there you can say yes! but it must not become a habit which becomes cheat meal every week, NO !! It may be for example "I'm doing a cheat meal today because I've been called" and then the next one in a month or maybe the next three days after and then no more for a month it must not become a habit that's all! and if you do cheat meals every week at the moment, what do you have to do to get rid of it? it's very simple, you do not take it if the week after you want one you do not take and if 2 weeks later you still want some, do not take any so two-three weeks after your body will not even remember that you needed cheat meal because it will not be used anymore and so you will not want to that's all for me! I let you enjoy the rest of the video here I am really cold now because with all this food that was really cold my body is cold everywhere because it was still 2kg or 22kg (5lbs) and it was frankly not too hard because you know the capacity of my stomach frankly there is way I can do more you see here I still can tighten the abs on the other hand doing the vacuum I do not know if it will do it's my maximum I can not enter belly more than that let's go inside here I hope this video will have pleased you I think frankly I can do more there I made two pounds of pudding and I added 200gr raspberries etc before it freezes so it's really nice when I eat because I fall on raspberries frankly I could still easily eat 500 grams next time I will put toppings in my opinion white cheese fruit maybe some more cookies on such as oreos, so we'll see the next episode so stay tuned so now I may still be eating something because I'm still a little hungry it was only 500 calories and with my bulking diet at 3000kcal I still have interest in eating some things because I eat maximum 3 to 4 meals a day in any case if you liked it do not hesitate to tell me in comment I will do it again and I'm also thinking of doing full day of eating so tell me if that would please you I hope you enjoyed this video if that's the case you can hit the like button and even subscribe see you later for another recipe or another video !!


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