MINI KETO BURGERS Low Carb Snack Ideas

MINI KETO BURGERS Low Carb Snack Ideas

Quick and easy low carb snacks are hard to come by so try out these keto burger sliders #withme today! This is a gluten free burger, and is a great substitute for deviled eggs if you don’t want to use your food processor. Try out one of my quick and easy low carb snacks available on my channel. If you were looking for gluten free snack ideas use salami or ham instead of ground beef. Another great way to eat this deliciously ketogenic snack is to have it with bacon, avocado, and mayonnaise!

Hard boiled egg
Salami (or ANY meat you prefer)
Cheddar cheese
Dill pickle
Cherry tomato slice

Slice your egg in half (longways preferably).
Use your egg halves as the “bun” of your burger.
Arrange the rest of your ingredients the way you would make a sandwich/burger.
(optional) Use a toothpick to hold it all together.

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