Meal Prep – Low Carb Chicken Tetrazzini Recipe / Tetrazzini con Calabaza Espagueti

what's up guys and welcome back to the fit men cook kitchen today's recipe is a meal prep recipe but it is also a comfort food makeover and a nod to the fall we are making a delicious chicken tetrazzini be me okay I wasn't gonna say anything but now I have to because I'm laughing in this show this goes to show you all how much like maybe he's trash TV that I watched so do you remember a few years ago on the Maury Povich Show which is a show here in the us

it's a talk show there was a lady who was complaining that her best friend was stealing her husband or her boyfriend and she was luring him in with her homemade chicken Tetrazzini recipe do you remember that you think over with chicken I don't know what she do with the chicken Tetrazzini but I love it Dominika cook but I know she seducing my man with a chicken Tetrazzini you gotta do internet search and find the entire clip because it's pretty funny but the tick away is this if you're ever having trouble trying to wifey someone or trying to hook someone then just make them chicken Tetrazzini because it worked for her and probably work for you too this recipe is low-carb we're gonna be swapping out the noodles and replacing it with spaghetti squash which is a nod to the fall we're also gonna be taking out the milk and the flour that's used to make the creamy base and we're placing that with coconut cream it's gonna be very delicious you're going to love it and I can't wait to see how you are going to tweak it for your diet check it out oh yeah if you're not already guys I want to invite you all to follow me on Facebook and Instagram at fit man cook I'm sharing daily meals and other healthy living content that I don't get to share here on YouTube plus I want y'all to be a part of my official countdown to my cookbook all right guys check it out first we're gonna cut a spaghetti squash into range doing it this way creates longer noodles remove the inside and place them on a baking sheet spray the pieces with olive oil then sprinkle sea salt and pepper bake for 45 minutes at when they're done we're gonna set a bowl on a food scale and add the spaghetti gently push it out and pull it apart now you can more easily calculate your macros for the recipe next buy our rotisserie chicken from your local grocery store then remove the skin from the meat weigh the chicken then pull it apart with forks to a nonstick skillet we're gonna add olive oil garlic and chopped leeks cook for three minutes until they're soft then add rosemary and thyme squeeze in a little lemon and pour in some chicken broth then add the coconut cream and season to taste with sea salt and pepper next we're going to fold in the chicken and remove the skillet from the heat add the spaghetti then gently fold everything together and allow it to cool and thicken garnish with parsley next select your bakeware you can use a small foil tin a baking dish or Hamitic jars if you use the jars be sure to get a size that corresponds with your serving size these range from 7 ounces all the way up to 21 ounces I like these because you can easily remove the metal rings and reheat in the microwave spoon out your portion in the jar and top with Parmesan and panko or wheat bread crumbs bake for 25 minutes at 400 boom fist bump that like button then head over to fit in and cook that calm to get the full recipe and remember to download the fit man cook apps for iPhone and Android for more easy healthy practical meals

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