LUNCH Meal Prepping For The Week 5 LowCarb Recipes, LC,SF,GF

Hi I’m Christine from the LCP welcome to my MealPrep Lunch Series Last time I’ve made a dinner meal prep series If you didn’t watch it click here This time you’ll get 4 easy lunch recipes == Frittata == for making an oven baked frittata you’ need * 4 eggs * some veggies I use the rest of the carrot Zoodles * and Fetacheese * and bacon * and fresh spinach mix all together and bake it for 10-15 min on 200°C Chicken Salad Next lunch is a chicken salad with some lightly cooked broccoli, fresh copped lettuce, I just grilled some chicken in a pan add tomatoes and some bacon, for keeping the salad fresh I don’t add any salt or dressing

Spaghetti Bolognese for making the bologones I firstly cut the noodles with my noodle maker and then fry minced meat add water and the bolognese Pack put the noodles uncooked in the container and top the bolonese sauce for the sides i just added some paprika and tomatoes which will be the salad Sausage Gulasch for making the sausage gulasch, you have to first cut the sausages fry it add water add the mix for the sides I’ve added frozen spinach Taco Pasta for the Taco pasta I peel with a peeler the carrots, i get thicker noodles, I add some zucchinis and then I use the rest of the minced meat mix it with a taco mix, theres no water needed fry it lightly and add some paprikas serve it fro the sides I add green beans which I lightly cooked in hot water refine with grated cheese and you have 5 great dishes for lunch I hope you liked this video pls give it a thumbs up, Jack and I were pretty tiered after meal prepping see you next sat same time same place

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