Lower-Carb Snacks and Healthy Meal Prep Tips!

Lower-Carb Snacks and Healthy Meal Prep Tips!

In this video I give you some of my favorite “lower-carb” snack ideas and some of my weekly meal prep tips!

Planning your meals and snacks ahead of time helps you to eat a healthier diet. By planning your meals for the week you are less likely to go through that drive-thru window!

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1. Tessemaes Avocado Ranch “Earth Kosher” :
2. Instant Pot for Easy-To-Peel Eggs!
3. Dukes Hatch Green Chile:
4. Pork Rinds:
5. Plastic Meal Prep Containers:
6. Tessemeas Lemon Garlic:
7. Sprouts Exotic Fruit Blend: your local Sprouts if you have one
8. Truwhip – most local supermarkets
9. Cold Brew Coffee – most local supermarkets

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