Lowcarb Strawberry Cake

Hello Guys! I'm Squieee and I'm lowcarb since January 2018 Therefore Im not a fun of sugar and sweets in general

But I like to bake and I like to bake cakes My partner will have little celebration and thanks to that I will show you how to bake a lowcarb cake! Cake Base In large bowl mash together butter and sweetener Add 4 eggs, one at a time and then add the almond milk Add almond flour and coconut flour Then add gluten-free baking powder Bake for 20 or 25 minutes until the top is slightly golden and crispy

Cake Topping, First Layer To the large bowl add greek yoghurt Add Bolero with strawberry flavor Boil water and add gelatine to the boiling water Mix it together and slice strawberries and add them to the mixture Add mixture on the top of the cake base and then refrigerate for 4 hours

Cake Topping and Second Layer Decorate with freshly chooped strawberries Add gelatine and the remainder Bolero into hot water and bring to boil Spread gelatine Bolero mix over the strawberry top Regrigerate for 5 more hours We are done! Do you want to see nutrition information? Continue watching

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