Low Sugar Juice Recipes are Perfect for Diabetics #EveryDayTips #EveryDayTips

diabetes is an increasingly common condition according to the American Diabetes Association approximately 14 million new cases are diagnosed every year in u

s diabetes can be challenging to control and many natural remedies or help to lower blood sugars living with diabetes can be very difficult and could be a little scary drinking green juices and eating a healthy diet can change that here is a healthy green smoothie for this we need carrots spinach ginger koo kumba lemon and coriander carrots carrots our root vegetables known for their vibrant color and their ability to really benefit the vision carrots are powerhouses of nutrition carrots are frequently orange but can also be found in white purple and red carrots are rich in vitamin A vitamin K and vitamin C and potassium and manganese complex vitamin B with folate prosperous and vitamin E in smaller quantities carrots are very high in sugar they are also rich in healthy fiber along with vitamins minerals and antioxidants carrot consumption would not hurt you even if you are a diabetic apples are delicious nutritious and convenient to eat first typically contain less sugar and more fiber they are particularly beneficial for reducing the risk of type 2 diabetes they also have high antioxidant levels and are an excellent source of vitamin C they contain about 20 grams of carbohydrates to provide you with all the energy and most of it comes from natural sugars also examples have a g1 rating of 39 which means that they are a low glycemic food spinach spinach is rich in vitamins minerals and photo chemicals spinach possesses loz index which means eating it will help support healthy unstable blood glucose levels spinach is exceptionally low in calories one cup of raw spinach contains only seven calories the fact that spinach contains so few calories is a major benefit of persons with diabetes it improves your blood glucose levels as well as your blood pressure and cholesterol glioma control a study suggested the ginger improves long-term blood sugar control for people with type 2 diabetes ginger is rich in ginger halts the major active component of ginger rhizome can increase uptake of glucose into muscle cells without using insulin and helps in the management of high blood sugar levels it is also worth noting that ginger has a very low glycemic index load even foods break down slowly to form glucose and therefore do not trigger a spike in blood sugar levels as high g1 foods do koo kumba kokoomus are low in carbohydrates and a source of fiber they fit easily into a diabetes meal plan the area recommends people with type 2 diabetes consume your nutritious high-fiber diet including 3 to 5 servings of vegetables a day fiber has many health benefits including providing a sense of fullness curbing appetite and helping the blood sugar control many low carbohydrate vegetables including cucumbers do not worsen blood sugar levels and can be eaten liberally in diabetic diet lemon lemon is rich in nutrients having high levels of vitamin C tianmen calcium and phosphorus lemon is good for diabetics and has many other health benefices it is good for diabetics as a means of controlling blood sugar levels lemon juice is good for diabetics mainly because of its high concentration of vitamin c vitamin c is a powerful antioxidants that helps boost the body's immune system and has a beneficial effect on heart health coriander coriander reduces the glucose levels in the blood it also maintained the insulin activity coriander seed is effective in controlling the insulin release from bitter cell in pancreas this regulates the proper assimilation and absorption of sugar and this results in drop in the sugar level in the blood now let us start the preparation take a blender jar add spinach to eat cucumber pieces carrot pieces apple pieces coriander some ginger pieces add some lemon juice now pour some water and blend it well low-calorie juice is ready – this juice along with the healthy large salad it will lower your blood sugar levels tremendously by taking this juice regularly you can control your blood sugar levels thanks for watching this video a like and subscribe for more videos you you

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