Low Fat vs Low Carb Diet: Which is More Effective for Weight Loss?

low fat diet or low carbohydrate diet which one is better for weight loss let's find out scientists have done clinical trial research for 12 months on overweight adults let's check out how this study was done and what were its findings in this study volunteers were divided into two groups first group got low fat diet and second group got low carbohydrate diet volunteers in low fat diet group had to reduce the intake of edible oils fatty meals whole fat dairy products and nuts and volunteers in low carbohydrate diet group had to reduce the intake of cereals and grains rice starchy vegetables and legumes after 12 months of observation researchers found that in both low-fat diet group and low carbohydrate diet group the reduction in weight body mass index also known as BMI body fat percentage and waist circumference were similar in scientific terminology there was no statistically significant difference between the two groups so if you want to lose weight low fat diet and low carbohydrate diet will both work equally to achieve your weight loss goals thank you for watching this video make sure you subscribe to health now TV and press the bell icon to stay up to date with all latest updates from this channel you

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