Low Carbs Diets Are NOT Better For Fat Loss

yep it's a pretty bold title study proves that low-carb diets on better for fat loss this debate is all the craze right now people are going back and forth collars make you fat no they don't so let's turn to the evidence instead of what we feel is right okay because facts don't really care about your feelings so listen the truth is that low-carb diets work of course they work any diet works when you're in a calorie deficit now for those of you who are gonna get super angry in the comments section hear me out right listen to what I have to say and maybe this will change your mind be open-minded to the evidence right I'm not trying to push a specific diet right I don't have a program that I'm selling one specific diet low carb or high fat so don't think that I have an inherent bias so the reason why many experts in a lot of people say that low carb is better for fat loss is because of something called the carbohydrate insulin hypothesis and basically what this hypothesis postulates is that when you eat carbohydrates your body is gonna secrete more insulin from your pancreas to deal with the sugar that's coming in right but that's insulins role to take sugar from the food and circulate it around so the the idea is that when you're eating a lot of carbohydrates then your insulin is going to be super super high and something insulin does is inhibit fat lipolysis the release of that so the idea is because carbohydrates spike insulin if you're eating carbohydrates that means that insulin is always gonna be spiked and you're not going to be able to shed the pounds shed the fat right and get ripped so logically this would mean that if you cut out carbohydrates you're keeping your insulin levels low and because you're keeping your insulin levels low that's going to increase fat loss now this sounds good in theory and it's extremely true that insulin is going to inhibit fat loss but what's not true is that if you take a diet which is relatively high in carbohydrates and you compare it to a kid a genetic diet which is under 5% carbon rates and you say that if calories are controlled for the amount of energy of food that you're taking in if that's controlled full and also a protein as controlled for which I'll explain in a second why it's important to have protein controlled for the problem is when people say that this is gonna cause a different result and that fat loss is going to be increased in the low-carb diet and that's simply not true when we turn to the best evidence now you can explain all the mechanisms as much as you want and you can go in-depth about why insulin is going to increase fat loss when it's lower than all of this but when we look at the best studies comparing a ketogenic diet to a standard American diet relatively high in carbs we control calories we control protein the results aren't so good for the people pushing the low-carb diet being superior for fat loss I'm actually have one of these studies I was taking over for weeks yes that's a relatively short period of time that is a limitation of the study but it was taken over a period of four weeks one group were doing the Kido genic diet one group were doing a standard American relatively high carb diet protein was controlled for that's important for protein to be controlled for because protein increases your metabolism it's the most thermogenic heat producing food that you can consume right so protein is controlled for calories it can can control for everything is controlled for it's a metabolic reward trial rights state of the art it doesn't get better than this right so that's important to understand as well takes a lot of money to do this and it's probably the best no one you know one of the best service we have on the specific question and the results showed that Lokar people lost more weight for the first few weeks right there at the end of the four weeks both the low-carb kido genic and the standard american relatively high carb diet group had lost exactly 11 pounds of fat so it's not that low-carb lost more fat as opposed to weight and and the high carb lost more weight but they lost more muscle no both groups lost the exact amount of the exact same amount of fat despite the low carb group having much much lower insulin levels so clearly insulin is not playing a role in fat loss when calories and protein are controlled for now why did I just say that the low-carb group lost more weight in the beginning well this reason is the exact reason why people are under the impression in general about low-carb diets are better for fat loss because when you drop your carbs automatically glycogen sugar stored in in your muscles water you drop a lot of weight from losing that because you drop carbohydrates so within a week people who cut out their carbohydrates will lose weight drastically and you know that's fine that's that's okay but it doesn't necessarily mean because that's happening because you're losing weight on the scale that dropping carbs is superior yes it would be superior if you need to drop weight classes for a boxing match in a few days and you drop your carbs that's a perfectly reasonable argument but just because your weight is dropping it doesn't mean it's actually due to fat dropping off your body because of insulin levels being lowered the truth is that yes the low-carb ketogenic group lost more weight in the beginning because of this water loss because of this kalaiy kijun loss but then by the end of the four weeks fat loss was exactly the same now as always the study is gonna be in the description so you can go and check that out you also have to consider the fact of adherence and also the symbolic nasaw of low carb diets low carb diets known for fat loss right people just know that you drop your carbs you lose fat easily well so they think so because that's the case people are going to be under the impression that the low-carb diet are undertaking chalo genic diet is going to be superior for fat loss and therefore they're going to adhere to it longer or the fact that it's working quickly because of that initial weight loss and therefore they're going to adhere to it for longer so because of all these factors this may result in an easier time for somebody who's doing a caloric a low-carb diet to stay in a caloric deficit and a caloric deficit is the true determiner of whether you're losing fat it's not dropping carbs so for this reason a lot of people find great success on a low-carb diet now a ketogenic diet has also been shown in some and some questionable studies although they're getting better that ketosis that state of burning fuel fat for fuel can reduce your appetite so it's not ketosis which is burning more fat and enabling you to lose more fat than a high carb person it's the fact that that plane is so loud it's the fact that ketosis may decrease your appetite and therefore allow you to be in a caloric deficit on a consistent basis much quicker also just a low carb diet not just ketosis low carb diets tend to be higher in protein more protein decreases your appetite therefore a low-carb diet may decrease your appetite and help you be in a caloric deficit easier which will enable you to lose fat do you see what I'm getting at here it's about the caloric deficit as simplistic as that is and as much as people hate to admit that that is what the bulk of the good evidence but not evidence of the good evidence has shown that it's not about meal timing is not about dropping your carbs it's not about bla bla bla bla bla it's about a caloric deficit and more importantly what makes it easiest for you as an individual to stay in that caloric deficit that's the key here so no low carb diets are not gonna be superior for fat loss but for certain people they are gonna make it easier to stay in a calorie deficit so choose what works for you and please ignore the people that are saying that you need to drop your carbs it can have some positive effects but it is not necessary to get ripped okay so thanks for listening to the video I know this one dragged on for a bit but there is a lot to say on the subject so before you go please make sure to click in the link in the description and check out the rip dude program it's an incredible program that's getting people results and it's gonna get you results if you commit to it and follow the principles outlined in it you can check out what you're gonna get by clicking on that link in the description so until next time guys thank you so much for tuning in and I'll see you guys in the next video alright peace out dudes


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