Low Carb Weight Loss Quick Hit 5/11- Low Carb Diet for Diabetes

Low Carb Weight Loss Quick Hit 5/11- Low Carb Diet for Diabetes

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In short, type 2 diabetes is a disease of abnormal glucose metabolism. That is to say that diabetics do not metabolize and handle glucose the same way that people without diabetes do. When you are looking for how to lose weight and improve diabetes control at the same time, you have look at controlling carbohydrate consumption. This is what dieticians will often refer to as “counting carbs.”

Type 2 diabetes works like this. You eat carbs. Your body converts those carbs in your meal to blood glucose (the sugar that you measure with your glucometer). Then your body creates insulin which tells your cells to store that blood glucose as fat in your fat tissue and burn that glucose as energy. The problem with type 2 diabetics is that their body is no longer sensitive to the insulin. So the blood sugar rises and reeks havoc on the body.

So a type 2 diabetic will really benefit when they Cut the Killer Carbs (refined carbohydrates) in several areas. First, by reducing carbohydrate consumption to what I will call normal, physiologic levels, the blood sugar is immediately reduced and blood sugars are controlled with the need for less medication.

Second, since your blood sugars are now lower, your body is releasing less insulin than it did previously. Because there is less insulin in the system, your body can now become more sensitive to that insulin and use it better to control your own blood sugar. So eating low-carb not only helps you lose weight, but it helps you control your blood sugar immediately and in the long term and you become more sensitive to the insulin you are producing.

So this brings up the question of what is the normal, physiologic level of carb consumption for human beings. I would argue that the normal level is somewhere at or below 50-60 Net Carbs per day. The individual level will vary for everyone, but it is somewhere around that level. This is compared to the 150, 200, and 300 Net Carbs that many of us are eating each and every day of our lives.

How can you determine what is the correct net carb level for you? If you are overweight, cut the net carbs in your diet down close to 30. You will begin to lose weight. You can then inch up your daily net carbs by about 10 net carbs per week. When you stop losing weight, you know what your normal physiologic level of carb consumption is for your body. When you start gaining weight, you know you have exceeded that threshold. It is really that simple.

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