Low Carb Turkey Pinwheels Bento Box

Low Carb Turkey Pinwheels Bento Box

This one is a fun meal prep for kids and adults alike! Whether you need a lunch to take on the go, or something prepped the night before to enjoy at home this Ket-friendly low carb bento lunch box is a tasty treat!

Low carb wraps, turkey deli slices, cream cheese and some healthy veggies are the center piece of this fresh and tasty lunch box.

When putting together the wrap, make sure you spread the cream cheese evenly and to the edges, as it’s the “glue” that will hold your wrap together. Slice with a bread knife, or other sharp knife to avoid squishing your wrap.

Depending on your macros, blueberries could be swapped out for another seasonal low carb fruit or veg, just make sure to edit the ingredients and macros inside Carb Manager to keep it accurate!

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Low Carb Turkey Pinwheels Bento Box

2 tbsp cream cheese
2 oz turkey deli slices
¼ cup baby spinach leaves
3 cherry tomatoes
⅛ cup fresh blueberries
1 hardboiled egg
1 broccoli floret
1 low-carb tortilla


1. Spread cream cheese evenly onto a tortilla.

2. Layer with lunch meat, spinach and tomatoes.

3. Roll the tortilla into a very tight wrap. Slice into six even pinwheels, discard or eat the end pieces! Use a bread knife to do this.

4. Place in a lunch container along with blueberries, hard boiled egg and broccoli.

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