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Hey everyone, Kym here, and today i'm going to be sharing with you my favorite, low carb, store bought snacks Whenever I do a low carb video like this, i always wanna put it out there that there is nothing wrong with carbs

I love carbs myself but i just prefer to get the majority of my carbs from whole foods not the store Whole Foods

I'm a big believer in balance so my husband and i go by the 80/20 Rule which means that 80% of the time, we're eating pretty responsibly, we make our meals at home But 20% of the time, we allow ourselves to eat out or indulge in our favorite snacks Take note that i didn't say OVER indulge These are store bought snacks which means that a lot of them are still processed so you wanna make sure that everything is in moderation But as you're going to see from this video, you can still buy snacks from the store, just choose the smarter option

Number 1 – my husband and I found these chips from Safeway and they're from the Hardbite brand When we found it, it was like angelic music played in the background because this whole bag of chips only has about 12 or 13g of carbs for the whole bag! If you guys are going for a different brand of chips or just a regular bag of chips of the same size, you're looking at about 80-100g of carbs for the whole bag This one is made from parsnips and Hardbite has a lot of different flavors as well, the other one that we found that is also low carb is the carrot flavor so we have yet to try that but you guys should give this a try It tastes just like chips, it feels just like chips, it's crunchy and it's guilt free My next favorite is

Seaweed! So i'm showing you guys the whole box because well, we don't have anything left in the box, we ate it all But seaweed is great because each serving has about 1g of carb, barely any sodium in it, barely any fat in it, it's just really great If you buy good quality seaweed, it's crunchy, it still gives you the satisfaction of having a snack without actually giving you all the calories

We bought this whole box for $7, it was on sale, and it came with 24 boxes of seaweed inside Number 3 – I love Chicharon or otherwise known as pork rinds Disclaimer: this isn't the healthiest choice so you wanna make sure that you're not having this all the time And you also wanna make sure that when you're choosing your pork rinds, just compare the labels of the different brands There can actually be quite a difference so a lot of these bags of pork rinds actually come with MSG and it has a very high sodium content

The one i found here, it has 0g of carbs and it has very low fat as well and the sodium is pretty reasonable This is the only bag that I found that actually didn't have MSG as part of the ingredients This one only contains 2 ingredients and that is pork rinds and salt Number 4 – Nuts! So out of this whole list, this is probably the healthiest that you can find out there A lot of nuts have a very low carb content, you just wanna make sure you're not buying the nuts that have all sorts of flavors added to it

The example I have here are almonds and this whole bag of almonds contains only 10g of carbs, not bad Lastly, we have cheese Cheese is also often very low in carbs this one is a bay— whoops This one is Babybel brand and it comes with 0g of carbs Guys, be careful when you're buying cheese because there's a lot of cheese out there that is advertised as low in fat

Low in fat is just another way of saying "very high in carbs" There's also another snack out there that my husband and I recently tried We got it at Starbucks and it's called Moon Cheese This snack is basically just cheese but they give it a little bit more of a crunchy, chewy texture One little bag costs about $7 so

i don't know give it a try for yourself and let me know if you think it's worth it There are tons of other snacks out there that are low carb If you have a favorite low carb, store bought snack, share it with me in the comments below, i'd love to hear about it Give this video a thumbs up if you enjoy these snacks as well Subscribe if you haven't yet and i will see you guys in the next video


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