hmm look at that picture it looks amazing doesn't it low-carb shrimp cakes let's go I am Darius this is shitless Christa Josh read destination of you to enjoy me I'm guilt-free and no no desserts this week this recipe is adopted from Natasha's kitchen it was up and down my facebook timeline and all the women I knew will go on crazy over girl look at that I want making that the night honey that lemon aioli sauce is bold and I thought the ladies there's our mothers and the male chefs in my community man joins us as well but it has to be adapted the original recipe calls for flour but you have the option for gluten-free flour I will address that later but see my version is low-carb and keto all day long I'm actually looking to adapt more recipes and you know like bring more dishes in more meals than necessarily the dessert at the end you know to relate to and to reach other people my friend sandy watches all the time but she doesn't you sweetness so for sandy and the women like her we had to do this really quick though this video makes my 88th video on YouTube meaning I'm approaching 100 rather quickly now recently I just passed a thousand subscribers but to be honest that piece of recipe was kind of for me but my hundredth video I want it to be for you now this is strictly for YouTube subscribers only if you comment on Facebook it won't count it's just for you too in the description below for this video and their videos over the next couple weeks hey did you know starting with this video I want you to drop a suggestion in the comment section about either a recipe or a topic that you would like me to do for my honey for my 100th video what I'm going to do with your suggestions I'm gonna create a poll inside the video now whoever wins by the time the hundredth video reaches will get a promise and surprise it's a giveaway yep the one that requests the video topic or recipe will receive a free Amazon gift card the runner-up will get a free signal as Christmas t-shirt hello you guys remember this one I've been doing this so long I gotta throw that now in all fairness some people may request the same thing better yet I know some people will request the same thing but the prize will only go to who requested it first and I'm not gonna delete any comments you're gonna be able to see who requested it first as I said it starts with this video so I hope you following the videos like if you caught up you'll be ahead of the game let's jump into the recipe and by the way full recipe details in the link in the description box x siccolas crystals calm now I do recommend wild-caught shrimp I mean if you can't find it do what you must I mean I didn't see nothing cut your shrimp up into small bits the best you can they are already little like then in a bowl add shredded cheese a beaten egg Mayo parsley salt black pepper a mixture of almond flour whey protein isolate and xanthan gum while I'm mixing this with my hand let me explain alright so she said gluten-free flour okay I get it that's fine but see with this almond flour whey protein isolated and the xanthan gum does is it replicates actual flour now if you don't pay attention when flour gets wet what it has moisture it gets a little sticky that's the whole point why she's using flour in the recipe anyway but see if you use if you use gluten-free flour it's not gonna get sticky I don't think it will anyway but I mean gluten flour is like that's a no-go on low-carb Aikido so especially keto that's definitely a no-go says it doesn't work for us but you say how about you just add coconut flour or almond flour by yourself see it's still not gonna work because on its own there's no gluten there's a lack of gluten gluten that's what causes flour to get sticky and what do we do we have to replicate it we add the protein to the almond flour and then the xanthan gum to stabilize them both and if you if you mix it inside a bowl I promise you it gets like super sticky like it probably gets a little stickier than the actual flour but for recipe purposes we need it to stick together to you know bring everything as a whole I guess you want to say it really is a purpose behind me doing this like there's a science behind it now if you want to switch to almond flour for let's say coconut I believe it can still work but I would just kind of test it out a test or what it's definitely only use about a quarter but how much oh my father use use about a quarter of coconut flour if you squish them out because coconut flours gonna be dry but it's gonna be very absorbent now on about medium to medium-high I'd say medium but crank it up a little bit if it's not cooking much or sizzling you really bad you want to roll it into a ball and place them in order for about three to five minutes each side watching brownness to avoid burning I had to make these cakes for the pitchers and I needed to make them for the video so I made them two separate ways and I'm gonna taste these but I have quite I have some worse to share now I'm more than sure that lemon aioli sauce would be amazing with those because see what they lack is I'm not saying they're nasty because they're definitely not that but I feel like they have to they really have the potential to be something mind-blowing something amazing but see we're just simply salt and pepper in the cheese's it's just kind of a good dish you know it's nothing there's nothing memorable about it to be honest I feel like um like getting rid of the salt and pepper and just simply using something like a seafood seasoning like obey will really just kick these up at night and then you know playing with the cheese's itself now let me tell you I this parsley if you don't own any parsley or you have some of the fridge save your time and money like I can't tell us there and to be honest I mean I can't remember one recipe where I ate it and I was like man you tried boy that parsley that parsley stood out yeah I've never had one like that so you can kind of just toss that to the side I mean when it looks it looks beautiful in the photos doesn't it I would definitely play with the seasonings and I would definitely play with the cheese's the first time in the photos I use mozzarella in the video will this video I use Monterey Jack now I'm under a check is my favorite cheese in an atom or edit more flavor to the dish don't overdo the cheese now if you overdo sees that escovitch like super runny the mozzarella it just didn't have much flavor at all I think maybe like a combination of like some type of a melt mild cheddar maybe and sometimes like something like a Gouda I think that would like really really like turn this around and with the right season I mean maybe you could toss a little garlic in there or you top it with some garlic butter on the block cause I'm definitely gonna link over to our site so if you want to try that lemon aioli sauce she created that'd be fine is it it's gift kiddo friendly depending on what kind of Mayo now in the description box you'll find a link to this recipe and all my other recipes on my site a link to the blog post and a link to my t-shirt shop I mean head over there grab yourself a sugarless Christmas t-shirt and gonna be messy if you enjoyed this video give it a thumbs up and if you're new to your channel hit that subscribe button we do videos every Wednesday and Saturday and if you look to your right you will see my latest upload along with the video just for you hi I'm Darius the siccolas Christmas just sugar-free destination of YouTube and I'm not a chef no no no I'm gonna 210 oh you saw most 102 fans

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