LOW CARB Pizza?! Taste Test & Remake! – Eat The Pizza! #21

Mix it uuuuup, folks! Mix it uuuuuuup! Hey everyone, I'm Alyssia! And I'm Christian And welcome to Eat The Pizza

And today we're making taste-testing AND making: chicken crust pizza Yeah, sounds very strange

I've been coming across this pizza, Real Good Pizza It's only four grams of carbs and 25 grams of protein per serving I've never tried this, this is not sponsored, I was purely curious because the crust has made out of chicken! How does that even work?! So what we're gonna do is bake 'em up, test 'em out, and then we're gonna make our own chicken crust pizza inspired by these

The goal is not to remake these, it's to Create an inspiration! Make our own chicken crust pizza, okay? We can do it on our own Uh, yeah we can do it on our own

Uh, alright Let's bake these! So now we're gonna bake these up, now we're gonna throw 'em, put 'em in the oven What if I had just

*MAKES WOOSH SOUND* And it went into the oven?! So we're gonna bake up one supreme, one cheese I'm putting it on a baking sheet lined with parchment, you can also cook them in the microwave, but I read online that it was better if you bake them in the oven, so Don't put that cardboard on there Christian! What do you think I put the cardboard on the

*MUMBLING* pizza First thoughts, seeing them frozen? Initial impressions: I gotta say, they look like pizzas Okay, look at this crust Does this look like chicken to you? It doesn't look anything like chicken No, it just looks like a pizza crust

Wait, it says leave pizza on board? And place on baking sheet? Can you bake cardboard? And it also says it for the microwave: "Leave pizza on board" Don't put that cardboard on there, Christian! What do you think I put the cardboard on the*MUMBLING* So now we're gonna put the boards back underneath the pizzas, because apparently You leave them on the board You leave the cardboard If my house burns down, I'm suing this place Real Good Pizza Co! We'll see about you Let's bake 'em up! So we cooked it for a little longer, well actually it was about the time it said, but I wanted it to get crispier, because every time I felt it it felt really soft, and now it looks like we overcooked it a little bit Whoops! Okay, I gotta say though, we only have two pepperonis on here Mmmm

that's making me a little upset I think there's a third one hidden down there Oh, maybe you're right

Yeah I kind of see the grease Shall we? Okay, so it seems soft Smells like chicken It does smell like chicken And pizza *WHISPERING* Stop it

It smells like chicken Like really chicken-y It tastes like a flattened piece of chicken With cheese on it I don't even taste much sauce, but I gotta say it's not bad

I mean look, this actually, even though, like you can see, it's kind of flimsy, I mean what do you expect, right? It's chicken It tastes good, though But it actually tastes good Should we try the, um, supreme? Ooh, this is better! Mmmm That is better

It's the flavor The flavor is better The pepperoni and the sausage and the And the veggies, even I would choose the supreme over the cheese So, if you could change it in your own recipe, what would you change? I think the chicken crust is too salty, actually It is a very salty bite Alright, should we try making our own? Let's do it For our crust, we're using this ground chicken, organic, it was woo-hooed Ground meat looks gross for sure

We've got our: a moo-zarella! Salt Lil' bit of pep That's our binder! Garlic powder, like aboutthat much And then some, uh, oregano Mix it uuuuup, folks! Mix it uuuuup! So, what do you think: one big pizza, rather than the small? Yeah Even though, I actually think that was their version of the big but wasn't that big, was it? This is my method Alright, so now we're gonna just flatten this out

Heh heh! Feels gross It looks like a crust, I mean, who can know how it's gonna work That's what I think, too Alright, time to get our toppings ready I decided to be smart and put the onion gogs on from the beginning this time

That was so wise I know You look like Tom Cruise! From Mission Impossible 2 Oh yeah, actually I know what you're talking about for once What are you cutting up? I'm cutting up some green bell pepper

A classic pizzatuhoheeuhoh

tuh Uh, pizza topping? Alright, red onion! Looks like a pizza crust! A pizza crust! Okay

This smells actually really good Now we're gonna top it with our toppings, throw it back in the oven, and then I'm just using like regular tomato sauce

It looks like a huge chicken patty *SINGING* Cheese, cheese, cheese it up Chee-chee-chee-chee-cheese it up! We've got some pepperoni It's a PEP-PA-RONIS! *SINGING* We're makin' pizzaaa I love onions on pizza

Yeah, they're good, that's why Want some olives? This looks like a pizza, I mean, I'm sayin' Let's put it back in the oven And now it's time for the Pizza Fact of the Day! Whaaaaaaaaat?! Did you know, well, in the Philippines, KFC has introduced something called the "Chizza" This year, it's brand-new

This year, brand new And the the crust is made of a fried chicken, hence, "Chizza," chicken pizza I would guess And it's got a fried chicken crust with tomato sauce, KFC cheese sauce, chicken ham (cham), pineapple pineapple chunks, and mozzarella cheese Actually sounds pretty good to me I'm ready to try it But you know what I'm more ready to taste?! More so than that Filipino pizza

Our own chizza Our own chizza Let's do it And now it's time to Eat The Pizza! It's good! Okay, it doesn't taste as chicken-y No I wonderI don't know I don't know why

Okay, so the other one tasted like a flattened piece of chicken with toppings on top It was still very good, don't get me wrong, but this is more convincing as pizza I don't know if it's maybe the size, I don't knowbut it's the texture a little bit, too It's not too salty We used tomato sauce with no salt added because we knew that we added salt to the meat, and the cheese has salt, so It's just the right amount of seasoning The toppings help it taste like a pizza

It doesn't taste as chicken-y and it holds together really well, I mean it's much firmer than the other pizza I'm surprised We will link the Real Good Pizza Co company information in our description, this video is not sponsored by them, they didn't give us these pizzas, I bought them at the store, but I thought they were pretty good I mean, I would give 'em a try

I would give this a try first, though Recipe Recipe is on our website, as well as our pizza merch and all of our social media Right down here somewhere Thank you so much for liking, commenting, and subscribing! And we'll see ya next week on Eat The Pizza It's pretty firm

Yeah, it's good I mean, look at this, kind of show the the

It's like it's firm firmit doesn'tit's not like droopy I mean, it's pretty impressive

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