Low-Carb Meal Prep – Salmon Coconut & Rice Recipe

so I got another joke for y'all today what do you call a fish with no eyes whatup guys and welcome back to the fit men cook kitchen and listen I know a lot of y'all are still on your summertime fine grind trying to shed a few extra water weight pounds for the beach or for that event you coming up you know before care I got you covered today we are making a very tasty grilled salmon with a low-carb salsa accompanied by a coconut cauliflower rice yes you heard me correctly it is a mouthful and also it is packed with tons of flavor let's get started oh all right so the first thing we're gonna do is make our low-carb salsa this is a low carb recipe but it's also very keto friendly now the only fruit we are gonna use though we're gonna use the juice from this ruby red grapefruit to help to flavor the salsa we're also gonna be using some colorful bell peppers they've got great flavor but not a lot of heat to them and instead of tomatoes we're going to be using a cucumber a little bit of lime juice some lime zest and some heat with some jalapenos chop everything up dice it up pretty finely here's my preferred way to chop up a bell pepper top of it the bottom of it slice it down the middle and then roll your knife around the inside this part comes out very easily and then all you have to do is slice it into really fine pieces and they're much more uniform this way this is the hardest part of the entire recipe is chopping up everything but it's also the most therapeutic I find you can do half a cucumber or you can do the whole cucumber it's up to you now I like to go over mine one more time and just do a nice rough chop and then for the jalapeno you can just slice it down in the middle and the most important thing is that after you chop up your jalapenos or anything spicy go and wash your hands yellow told me hundreds of times as I'm doing the videos I'll go and do this I put in my eye or something enough the video like this because my eyes burning as far as the avocado you can actually cut this fresh on the day that you're going to eat your meal you don't have to add it to it right now because it will Brown a little bit so I like just to cut this up fresh and add it to my meal so we're gonna put this one aside for right now but this is ready to go let's put this into a bowl and mix everything together under these beautiful colors chopped open our ruby red grapefruit and if you don't like grapefruit you can also use lime I just impartial to Texas with red grapefruit you can add a little bit of sourness with some lime as well and this is a pretty Hardy salsa so I'm just gonna add just maybe a tablespoon of olive oil some sea salt I got it dad in that time it caught it it caught the forearm mmm and some pepper fold everything together you can smell a lot of the pepper from the bell peppers now one of the final ingredients you can add to your salsa is some fresh cilantro and I would just pull off the leaves we're just gonna do a rough chop of these and fold this into the salsa we're gonna cover this up and set this aside in the fridge for the next part of the recipe we're gonna be making some coconut cauliflower rice now you can actually buy a whole head of cauliflower put that into a food processor and create your own rice but now a lot of grocery stores Kroger is where I shop they actually have their own cauliflower rice and cauliflower pearls so you could actually buy it frozen you could buy it fresh this is the fresh version of it and it's just a great time-saver for in the kitchen especially whenever you're doing meal prep remember the most important thing is you don't want to monopolize your entire day here in the kitchen trying to do stuff I'm gonna spray the skillet with a little bit of olive oil I'm gonna add in some onion I love that sound and I'm gonna add in some garlic and I'm going to give this a quick stir I'm actually not going to cook this down by itself I'm actually gonna add in the rice and the pearls right now I'm gonna dump the pearls right on in there and what I want to do is create a little bit of steam we're gonna create some steam by adding in a little bit of lime and also just a little bit of water this is about three ounces of water once I mix everything together I'm gonna fold in all of the onion and the garlic pop the top on this and let this steam for a few minutes all right so this has been steaming for about three minutes I think it's ready because it's slightly translucent it's not as vibrantly white as it was before so now we're gonna add two things we're gonna add some lime zest and we're also gonna add the coconut milk and we're gonna bring this to a light simmer and just allow the coconut milk to evaporate I wish you're here to smell this because I smell straight-up coconut now and then some beautiful cilantro to hold everything together five more minutes of just simmering on its own then you should be done with this part of the recipe and you can move on to the salmon or you can cook the salmon concurrently alright guys so the last part of the recipe is just the salmon we're gonna keep it really simple here you can jazz this up if you want to I like to just put some sea salt and learn a little bit of pepper we don't want to over cook the salmon at all so what we're gonna be doing is just searing it on both sides I'm gonna lightly spray the pan with some olive oil just gonna add our fillets in here we're gonna do them in a nice diagonal fashion sear this on both sides for about three to five minutes and you know what's ready to flip whenever you see the discoloration so you see it beginning to cook so now we're just going to flip this over and we want to get us a nice sear on this side as well yeah so now we're gonna bring it all together and add in our coconut rice look how beautiful that is adding a piece of our cook salmon yeah top it off with our low carb very tasty salsa that is the grapefruit juice yeah this is our salmon and coconut cauliflower rice milk prep with a low carb salsa tell me that you would not eat that every day of the week favorite part of this is always the taste test we got so many flavors here and it's very very very succulent very moist and I'd love this low carb salsa on a mouthful so go I know that y'all are going to love this recipe this is a really simple one that can be made even easier if you are multitasking in the kitchen you can have this entire prep done in under one hour I guarantee it if you like videos like these I invite you to do a 1/2 uppercut on that like button below and also I want you to comment below what you would add to this recipe in the order to complement it for your diet alright guys thank you for watching until next time I want you how to keep it healthy and flavorful but what that's right never ever boring ooh bye guys

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